The days when major browser updates were few and far between are over. Nowadays, it’s de rigueur for browser manufacturers to speed up development, which means opening up less stable builds to the masses in order to get them bug-checked as quickly as possible.

Opera is no exception, and Opera Developer adopts the same approach to Firefox Nightly in providing a completely separate installation of the latest unstable version of Opera for people to road-test without affecting their day-to-day browsing. 

The reasoning is simple: you get to try out the new features without affecting your existing installation, so if the developmental version is too buggy for your tastes, you can use your tried and trusted version, no problem. And because Opera Developer updates as soon as the latest development build is released, you can keep checking back regularly to see what’s up and coming and whether the bugs you’ve encountered have been fixed yet.

You’ll be able to differentiate between Stable, Next and Developer builds by the colour of the program icon: Opera’s final stable build icon remains red, Next is a silver grey, while Opera Developer's icon is blue, meaning it’ll be safe for even relatively inexperienced users to try out new features before they become generally available.

Note that this is a very early preview of Opera.

What's new (or planned) in Opera Developer 47 compared to Beta 46?

- Adding more convenience to your search pop up
- We extended the ‘Recently Closed’ tabs list limit to 32 from the original 10.
- The difficult-to-read white text seen on folders in dark theme, with no wallpaper, on the Speed Dial has now been made readable.
- The radio buttons in settings are made visible again.
- Windows 7 Aero users should no longer see occasional flashes of background images when switching between Youtube videos.
- Improved color contrasts in light theme for better readability.
- In bookmarks, you’ll find the option to export all bookmarks.
- Dark favicons are now visible in dark theme. Try it yourself by visiting
- Chromium updated to 60.0.3107.4.


Opera Developer is an early way to safely road-test upcoming features in this slimline and powerful browser without affecting your existing, stable installation.