Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Beta is the first public beta for Bitdefender's next generation security suite.

New features include a Webcam Protection module which notifies you when apps try to access your webcam, and blocks unauthorised usage.

"Advanced Threat Defense" is a new technology which tries to identify suspect processes from their behaviour, keeping you safe from the very latest malware.

The "Safe Files" modules protects selected files from unauthorized changes. Right now this is available for Mac only, but it'll be arriving for Windows soon.

The Bitdefender Firewall is getting a brand new interface, too, but again that's "coming soon."

Please note, the download link takes you to Bitdefender's site. You'll need to create a Bitdefender account before you can download the beta, but there's nothing too intrusive involved. Give them your first and last name, email address and password and you're in.

When you do get the beta, it installs as Total Security 2017. This looks odd, but it isn't a mistake-- the program will automatically update to the 2018 beta shortly afterwards.


Bitdefender 2018 doesn't seem to have anything radically new, but as it's a great product anyway we're not too concerned. We'll be interested to see how it performs in the long term.