KeyLemon is an interesting face recognition tool which allows you to log in to your system, and some websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), simply by looking at your webcam.

This can make life very easy. If your PC has several users, for instance, KeyLemon removes the need for them to all have (and remember) their own password. Instead, everyone must first allow KeyLemon to scan their features, creating a facial model which is unique to them. And then, all they have to do is look into the PC's webcam when the system starts. KeyLemon will recognise who they are, and automatically log them into the correct user account.

The commercial editions extend the program further. KeyLemon Bronze ($19.95) automatically detects when you leave your system, locking it, and KeyLemon Gold ($39.95) can take pictures of intruders, supports multiple security levels, can use multiple face models to cope with various lighting conditions, and more.

Version 3.1.1 brings:

- Fix problem with some webcams not being recognized by KeyLemon
- Fix warning when launching Control Center in quick adapt mode from menu of LemonLock
- Fix message "Password has changed" when domain controller not available
- Fix link in Windows logonscreen to relaunch KeyLemon logonscreen interface
- Improve support for high-dpi display
- Improved global stability


KeyLemon's face recognition technology seemed quite accurate on our test PC, and the program generally proved a convenient way to log in to the system.