Default Folder X is small toolbar that attaches itself to open and save dialogs in OS X applications and provides easy access to a customisable list of folders. This greatly reduces the amount of time that needs to spent navigating to frequently used locations and the tool allows for a great level of customisation.

A different selection of favourite folders can be configured for different programs so your files can always be quickly saved to the correct location without the need for folder navigation. Default Folder X also maintains a list of frequently used folders so if you should decide to save files in a folder that hasn’t been added to the frequently used list, it can still be quickly accessed in future.

Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to individual folders for easy access and a system of hierarchical pop-up menus can be used to navigate through your folder structure in a different way. But Default Folder X does not just add new options to save dialogs, dialogs used to open files are also enhanced.

When browsing through file to open, you are treated to a preview of any file that is selected. Basic previews and information are displayed as standard, but extra details such as metatags, access dates, comments and more can also be accessed.

Version 4.7 changes:
    •The filename edit field in Save dialogs is now resized to be as wide as possible, letting you see and edit long filenames without scrolling.
    •Default Folder X will intercept Command-Delete in file dialogs to invoke its "Move to Trash" command instead of the built-in OS X behavior. This results in Default Folder X showing a warning before items are moved to the Trash, rather than trashing files and folders without confirmation, as OS X does by default.
    •Fixed a problem that could cause long delays in Default Folder X when some disks or network volumes were unavailable.
    •On Mac OS 10.10.3 and higher, Default Folder X will no longer try to fix the ever-growing-save-dialog bug (because Apple has finally fixed it).
    •Corrected a bug that resulted in Finder comments being duplicated when they're saved.
    •Fixed "Go to folder in Terminal" so that it works correctly when a folder's name contains non-roman characters.
    •In its Rename dialog, Default Folder X will no longer try to find a filename's extension when the extension is hidden.
    •Default Folder X will recognize downloaded license files so that it can be registered when an internet connection is unavailable.
    •Fixed the incorrect identification of folders on iCloud Drive.


An indispensible add-on for OS X. Default Folder X is a tool which will genuinely make you wonder how you lived without it.