Tweaking tools are easy to find for Windows, but there tend to be fewer available for OS X. TinkerTool is a system customisation tool which enables you to tinker with hidden settings to help configure your Mac more to your liking.

While a large number of customisations can be put in place using the Preferences built into OS X, but TinkerTool enables you to delve a little deeper. You are placed in complete control of settings such as font smoothing, and anti-aliasing, as well as controlling the positioning of desktop wallpaper.

You can customise the appearance and functionality of Finder and disable the dashboard if required. Any changes made in the program only affect the current user, so in a multi-user environment, everyone can apply their own preferred settings. It also means that administrator privileges are not required and safeguards are in place that make it possible to roll back settings to their defaults, or the settings that were in use before TinkerTool was installed.

This is a great tweaking tool which is useful in the way it provides easy access to a wide range of built in settings, but also thanks to the fact that it makes it possible to change settings that you would otherwise not be able to.

What's new in 5.5?

- Added new setting to block access to the Preferences window of the Finder.
- Added new setting to block access to the Empty Trash function of the Finder.
- Added new setting to disable the delay for showing the Dock when the Dock is set to hide automatically.
- Added new setting to control the blink rate of the text insertion marker.
- Added new setting to enable a key combination that toggles the setting for dark menu and Dock (OS X Yosemite or later only).
- Many small changes in the user interface.
- Switching to Portuguese is now sufficient to enable language support for Brasilian Portuguese.
- Korean language support had to be removed.


A great way to customise the appearance, performance and feel of your Mac.