Uninstalling software in OS X should be a simple matter of dragging and application icon to the trash. In practice, however, this is likely to leave a number of files relating to the program taking up space on your hard drive.

TrashMe is a free uninstaller which makes it easy to not only remove unwanted applications, but also to find and delete and other remnants that might otherwise have been left behind. As with other uninstallers, you need simply drag an application's icon onto TrashMe and the rest of the hard work will be done for you.

Should you delete an application in the usual way, the program's Smart Mode will recognise the fact that software is being removed and try to help out with the process. TrashMe will also display a list of installed software so you can choose what should be deleted.

The application also provides easy access to widgets, preference panes and plugins that you have installed to allow for easy removal. TrashMe maintains a history of any activity carried out in the program, and this list can prove useful if you can’t remember the name of a program you have removed but want to reinstall.


TrashMe makes the process of removing software work the way it should do, ensuring that not software remainders are left behind.