Getting the kids to want to learn can be tricky, especially when it comes to maths. But numbers don't need to be boring, as demonstrated by these 10 maths apps for children for iPad, iPhone, iPod.

Kids Academy 123 Tracing

Free with in-app purchase for full unlock, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Kids Academy 123 Tracing is a great app to get small children started with maths. After all, in order to be able to learn maths at all they must first understand what each number means, and what it looks like.

This app is simply a tracing app that teaches children how to draw each number. Coupled with colourful graphics and a Parent Mode that lets you check your child's progress, Kids Academy 123 Tracing is a great way to familiarise kids with numbers.

It's perhaps on the pricey side, at £2.49 for all 10 numbers, though.

Math Farm

£1.49, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Once your child has mastered the art of drawing numbers, and is able to recognise what they mean, they'll be ready to begin learning basic sums.

Math Farm requires players to connect a sum to the correct answer. Every time the child gets the sum correct, another part of the farmyard animal will appear. Complete the whole animal to win.

There are two levels to Math Farm: beginner and intermediate.

Math Bingo

69p, iPad, iPhone, iPod

We love bingo, which is why we think Math Bingo is such a great maths game for kids. Depending on the difficultly level you've chosen, the app will ask kids to work out a series of sums, the answers to which could be on their bingo card.

Playing the game and winning Bingo Bugs means kids can play the Bingo Bug Bungee – which is reminiscent of pinball – with the aim of beating their previous high score.

Dinosaur Park Math

69p, iPad, iPhone

Dinosaur Park Math is a fun way for children to learn addition and subtraction from 0 to 20. Kids need to answer sums correctly in order to chisel away at rocks that hide dinosaur fossils within them.

Kids can learn dinosaur facts while they're learning maths, too. There are also some less educational but equally fun games to play within the app.

We'd suggest that there's a risk that kids will get into the habit of guessing, though, as there are no major consequences to getting the questions wrong.

There's a free version of the app too, so you can try it out and decide whether your kids will enjoy it before upgrading to the paid version.

Mr Thorne

£1.49 each, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Created by London-based teacher Christopher Thorne, the planet-themed Mr Thorne maths apps are simple and look gorgeous.

Mr Thorne's Addition Space Station features 42 mental maths test including simple sums, decimals and fractions. Mr Thorne's Times Table Terra has 60 multiplication and times table tests, while Mr Thorne's Divide + Conquer has 50 division and inverse times tables tests.

They each have three difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to an advanced mode that's even a test for adults.


69p, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Another fun space-themed maths game is Mathmateer, in which children can build and customise their own rockets using money they've earned while soaring through space.

There are 56 different games ranging from simple counting to division and multiplication, so kids of all ages can enjoy playing. Five player profiles can be created, so you can set up one for each child depending on their skill level.

The only downfall is that the money system (used to buy extra rocket parts) is in dollars rather than pounds.

Operation Math

£1.99, iPad, iPhone, iPod

Operation Math sees kids become a secret agent battling against evil Doctor Odd by solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations as quickly as possible. Parents can choose a difficulty level depending on their child's maths abilities, too.

YodelOh Math Mountain

Free, iPad, iPhone, iPod

This quirky Apline maths game requires players to work out as many sums as possible (choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix) before the Hans drops off the cliff.

Difficulty in YodelOh Math Mountain is graduated, so each level is harder than its predecessor.

Medieval Math Battle

Free, upgrade to full version for £1.49, iPhone, iPad, iPod

With more of a prominent game element than most of the other maths apps here, Medieval Math Battle sees players defeating their mythical medieval opponents by working out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums correctly.

Kids are faced with gradually more difficult questions, that's they'll need to get right in order to earn coins, potions and weapons to help beat upcoming enemies.

It's free to download and play the addition part of the game, but the subtraction, multiplication and division elements cost 69p each or £1.49 for the lot.

Pure Math

Free, upgrade to full version for £1.49, iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pure Math has a simpler and cleaner interface than many of the colourful apps in this round-up (hence the 'pure' in its name), and a faster difficulty progression, too, so it suits older children best.

At the start of each level, the player will have a score of 1000. This will decrease as time ticks by, and each time the player gets a wrong answer. The aim is to have as close to 1000 points as possible at the end of each level.

To begin, the sums are very easy, but with each level, they get harder and harder until even the adults will struggle.

The addition mode is free, but to unlock the subtraction, multiplication and division modes, you'll need to upgrade to the full version for £1.49.