During Apple's 7 September event, Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon GO showcased the popular mobile game working on an Apple Watch. Here's what to expect, and how to play Pokemon GO on Apple Watch. Also see: Apple Watch Series 2 review | watchOS 3 features | Apple Watch buying guide 2016.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch release date: When is Pokemon GO coming to Apple Watch?

Niantic hasn't given a precise date, but said it will be coming in late 2016. Given the trend of current Pokemon GO updates and the release date of the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, we expect support for the Apple Watch to come by late October.

Once we get official confirmation from Niantic, we will update this article. Also see: Pokemon GO guide.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch compatibility: Which Apple Watch is compatible with Pokemon GO?

There was no mention of compatibility at Apple's event, however we expect it to be compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the original and Series 1 watches that don't include GPS functionalities.

From the iPhone launch event, Pokemon GO was showcased to be working alongside Apple's fitness tracking, which indicates it will work on non-GPS enabled watches. This does raise some concern for Pokemon GO trainers out there that don't own an Apple Watch, as it would enable Pokemon trainers to hatch eggs faster using the Watch's integration.

Apple Watch - Pokemon GO

Unless Niantic change their mind, Pokemon Go will be compatible on the original 2015 Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Edition. Read next: Best iPhone games.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch features: What features can we expect from Pokemon GO on Apple Watch?

During the event, Niantic showcased a whole range of different features, which will be possible with the Apple Watch:

  • Track egg hatches: You will be able to see how many kilometres you have left to hatch your incubated eggs. This will be presented through a watch face, making it easy to glance at your watch to track your progress. Once an egg hatches you will be able to see what has hatched form your egg.
  • Watch app: Through the main screen on the Pokemon GO watch app, you will be able to see your trainer level and the XP you need to rank up.
  • Track your workout: With compatibility between Apple's fitness tracking, you will be able to End and Resume your 'workout' when you're using the Pokemon GO watch app. Through the watch's app you will be able to track the distance you've walked and see the calories you've burnt.
  • Track Pokemon: With your watch you will have the option to see nearby Pokemon straight from your watch and even be notified when a Pokemon has appeared in the wild. You will still have to use your phone to catch the Pokemon.
  • Use PokeStops: From the watch you will be able to swipe on PokeStops to collect items. When using the watch app, you will be notified directly on the watch through a buzz on your wrist.
  • Track achievements: Achievements will pop up on your watch notifying you when you've reached a milestone.

We are excited by all the features, however are concerned about the battery hit it will have on an Apple Watch. The Pokemon GO app on iPhone already drains a lot of battery, so we are sure it will affect the Apple Watch drastically too! Also see: Super Mario Run for iPhone.