Apple's iPad Air is a stunning piece of kit. If you're the proud owner of the the newest iPad, you'll want to keep it in tip-top condition. There are plenty of cases and covers to choose from, each of which will help you do just that. Plus, some of them can double as an iPad Air stand for watching FaceTime or typing, and some come complete with a Bluetooth keyboard, too. Here, we bring you a selection of iPad Air cases so you can find one that's right for you.

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Apple iPad Air Cases

First up is Apple's own iPad Air case offerings. Apple has two, reasonably similar cases available. One is the iPad Air Smart Cover and the other is the iPad Air Smart Case. Both protect the front of the iPad using a folding cover that doubles as a stand and will automatically wake your iPad when you open it or send it to sleep when you close it.

Where the two cases differ, however, is in the protection of the back of the iPad Air. The iPad Air Smart Cover protects only the front of the iPad, and attaches to the side of the iPad using a magnetic hinge. The iPad Air Smart Case, on the other hand, protects the back and sides of the iPad thanks to the additional back cover.

The iPad Air Smart Cover is available in Polyurethane and comes in black, pink, yellow, blue, green or red. The iPad Air Smart Case is made with leather and comes in black, brown, beige, yellow, blue or red.

It'll set you back £65 for the Smart Case or £35 for the Smart Cover.

Booqpad for iPad Air


Booq has launched a new addition to its Booqpad range, introducing a case for the iPad Air. It's a case for the iPad user who still enjoys a touch of traditional, as it comes complete with a built-in notepad. It uses a form-fitting snap case to protect the Air, which connects to the folio-style case using strong magnets. This means the iPad can be easily removed from the rest of the case when in use, but is still protected on the back and sides.

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal

Price: £89

The latest addition to the BookBook family is the Travel Journal, and we rather like it. It's designed as a case for your iPad – either the iPad Air or iPad mini – but it also has lots of pockets and space to allow you to carry loads more within it. In addition to your iPad, you could fit headphones, a mouse, a stylus, a battery pack, cables, batteries and more, to keep everything you need in one place.

As always, we love the bookish design, which lets you disguise your tech as a hefty old-fashioned novel. Plus, made from real leather, the BookBook has a luxury look and feel.

There's a slimmer, more fitted BookBook case available for the iPad Air, too.

Ted Baker iPad Air case


Fashion brand Ted Baker's newest iPad case, created in collaboration with Proporta, is a slim, light shell case with cutouts for all ports, buttons and features. It doesn't protect the front of the iPad, though, so you'll probably want to get a screen protector in addition.

Barbour Julie Dodsworth iPad collection


Another fashionable case now, this time a result of a collaboration between Barbour and Julie Dodsworth. There are three different designs available, each decorated with floral patterns that remind us of summer. The case has all the cutouts you'll need, and also acts as an adjustable stand.

Sena Folio II


Sena's luxurious Folio II case for iPad Air is made with genuine leather and has a soft velvet lining. It comes in four professional-looking colours – red, black, tan or brown – so is ideal for those who use their iPad Air during business meetings.

It's secured shut by a leather snap closure tab, and has an integrated viewing and typing stand. Plus, there's space for cards and ID inside.



STM Bags' Dux iPad Air case provides super-sturdy protection for your tablet with its polycarbonate shell and rubberised bracket meeting the US Department of Defense Standard 810F/G durability standard. A clear back allows you to add your own photos, messages and pictures.

C by Covert Varsity iPad Air case


UK-based accessories maker Covert offers some stylish, luxury cases that certainly attracted our attention (there are less bright colours available, we assure you). We rather like the Varsity iPad Air cases, but they do come with a hefty price tag, and aren't the most practical of cases as they're a little heavy and don't offer easy access to the tablet.

That said, they do offer excellent protection, they act as a stand and also have pockets and slots for cards, papers and receipts.

Proporta Stephenson Satchel

Price: £89

Proporta's stylish Satchel features a removable iPad compartment that doubles as a case. There are even adhesive pads that allow you to attach a Bluetooth keyboard for typing while out and about.

The Satchel has been designed to allow you to charge the iPad without removing it from the case, thanks to small openings through which cables can pass.

The Satchel, which comes in Navy or Brown, has a main compartment large enough to fit a 13- or 15in MacBook, plus other personal belongings.

LE Littoral Folio for iPad Air


The simple and stylish LE Littoral Folio from be.ez covers the front and back of the iPad Air, and also acts as an adjustable stand. The holder fitted inside the case is made from TPU soft plastic designed for shock absorption.

ZaggKeys Folio for iPad Air

Price: £99.99

The ZaggKey Folio is a Bluetooth keyboard and case that enables you to type comfortably on your iPad Air. It has an adjustable hinge that lets you position the iPad at your preferred angle, and the keyboard also has elegant backlit keys.

The folio itself provides sturdy protection for the iPad Air, and Zagg claims the built-in rechargeable battery should last up to three months.

Everything Tablet iPad Air Case

Price: £29

We've always found Everything Tablet's cases to be sturdy, practical, stylish and affordable, and find the 360-degree rotation functionality particularly useful. Now, Everything Tablet has extended its range to cater for the iPad Air. Available in Cherry Red, Vibrant Orange or Black Carbon, the iPad Air case allows you to position the tablet in portrait and landscape views at three different angles.

The case also has a magnetic sleep and wake function, an elastic strap for added security and cutouts for all ports and functions.

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Proporta iPad Air Cover


Proporta's Leather Style iPad Air Cover comes in black or red, and is made with faux leather. It has cut-outs for all ports and functions, including the rear-facing camera, and doubles as an adjustable stand with two viewing angles.

Griffin Back Bay Folio for iPad Air

Around £30

Griffin's Back Bay Folio for iPad Air protects both the back and front of the iPad Air, and fastens with a clip for added security. There are openings for all ports and functions, including the rear-facing camera.

The Back Bay Folio for iPad Air is available in a series of colours, including fun polka dot styles.

Maroo Kope for iPad Air


Maroo's leather Kope iPad Air cases feature the case-maker's patented SG Bumper technology (we've seen these cases flung from a catapult with iPads inside and survive thanks to the Bumper tech). They have a hand strap on the back for more secure carrying and an interior pocket ideal for receipts, notes and cards.

The elastic loop is handy for stylus users, and there's a camera cutout so you'll be able to take pictures without removing the iPad Air from the case.

The designs available are Obsidian Black, Candy Red, Power Purple, Saddle Brown and MOKO.

Cygnett Paradox for iPad Air

Cygnett's new iPad Air cases have a cover that can fold in multiple ways to provide various viewing or typing angles, including portrait. There are various versions of the Paradox available. The first is the Sleek, which has a smooth, rubberised cover and is available in black, pink, yellow or light grey. The second is the Paradox Texture, which has a soft touch finish that is textured to five a cracked granite effect. The third is the Paradox Lux, which has a shinier, more stylish finish.

The cases range in price from £19.95 for the Sleek to £49.95 for the Lux.

Otterbox Defender for iPad Air

Price: Around £55

Otterbox has extended its Defender Series to cover the iPad Air. The Defender case for iPad Air is a rugged case that features three layers of protection: A screen protector, a polycarbonate inner layer and a silicone outer layer. It's likely that it'll add a bit of bulk to your otherwise super-skinny iPad Air, but it'll certainly do the trick if you drop your iPad, helping to minimise damage.

Belkin Storage Cover for iPad Air

Price: £29.99

The smart-looking Storage Cover for iPad Air comes with an expandable storage pocket to enable you to store your accessories with your iPad, such as headphones or chargers.

The cover doubles as a stand for FaceTime or typing, whole the soft inner lining and elastic strap closure add extra protection from bumps and scratches.

Logitech Folio Protective Case for iPad Air

Price: £39.99

This thin and light folio case protects both the front and back of the iPad Air, and comes in a variety of stylish colours. The case can be used as a stand too, enabling you to position your iPad at several angles.