Whether you're looking for style, protection or added functionality, this round-up features an iPhone 5s case to suit you. Here, we round-up the best iPhone 5s cases we've seen, most of which will fit the iPhone 5, too.

It's worth noting that the iPhone 5s has a bigger flash, which could be partially obscured by some cases, and also has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the Home button, so you won't want a case that covers that. We've added a note to any of the iPhone 5 cases we're unsure about.

Apple's iPhone 5s cases


First up is Apple's own offering. The company has launched its official iPhone 5s cases. They're made with genuine leather and have a soft, microfibre lining to protect the interior of your iPhone too. They're precision crafted to fit the iPhone 5s, which means they're a really snug fit. This also means it can be difficult to remove them, though.

Apple's leather cases are available in six colours: Brown, Beige, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red. They cover the back and sides of the iPhone, leaving only the camera, mute switch and from of the device exposed. This means that the colour of your iPhone is disguised though. If you've got the gold iPhone 5s with one of these cases protecting it, you'll hardly know it's gold at all, which seems a shame.

iPhone 5s & iPhone 5 shell cases

Shell cases protect the back and sides of the iPhone, but leave the front bare. They're among the most popular type of case, but it's worth highlighting that you might want to pair a shell case with a screen protector. Many shell cases come with a screen protector included, so check before buying to find out whether your chosen case does too.

Joules Animals


The fun and colourful Joules Animal iPhone 5/5s cases protect your device from bumps and scratches while allowing access to all ports, buttons and cameras. Each of the four designs – badger, fox, hare or horse – have a one-liner on the side too for some added humour.

Griffin Harris Tweed

Griffin's Harris Tweed case for iPhone 5/5s comes in two stylish designs made using fabrics sourced from the Outer Hebrides and spun, dyed and hand woven by hand.

Tech21 Impact Band


Tech21's Impact Band protects the back and sides of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s using what the company calls "Impactology," designed for protection from bumps and knocks. It comes in a variety of colours, some more pleasing to the eye than others, but overall, this case offers good protection in a fairly slimline manner. Plus, there's access to all ports and buttons, too. 

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 5/5s


Incipio's Stowaway case for iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 is designed to be impact resistant, stylish and practical. Available in eight colours, the new iPhone case has a back compartment that can hold up to three credit cards and also doubles as a handy stand.

It will add a significant amount of thickness to your iPhone though, as it's 13.32mm compared to the 7.6mm that the iPhone 5s is without a case. However, with the ability to store three cards, it could mean you no longer need to carry your wallet or purse around with you, therefore freeing up space in your bag or pocket.

Griffin Separates Series for iPhone 5/5s


Griffin's Seperates series for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is a range of two-piece cases that combine a polycarbonate backplate with a polycarbonate/TPU frame, which means sturdy protection for the back, sides and corners of your iPhone. They also have a raised rim, a bit like Apple's old bumper cases, to keep the iPhone's screen off the surface if you place it face down on a table.

With 15 different designs in the series, Griffin suggests that you could buy multiple Seperates cases and switch up the designs if you fancy a change one day. The back of the Seperates cases can be removed and replaced with any other design from the series.

Case Scenario Pantone Collection


There are more than 15 different Pantone colours to choose from in Case Scenario's collection, adding a splash of colour and some added fun to your iPhone 5s. 

Proporta & Ted Baker Collection


Proporta has teamed up with fashion house Ted Baker London to bring iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s owners a collection of stylish cases to protect the device. There are also iPad versions of the Ted Baker cases available.

Belkin View Case for iPhone 5/5s


Belkin's View Case has transparent design to show off the back plate of the device while protecting it from bumps and scratches. It's available in black, green, white, red and pink.

Otterbox Prefix for iPhone 5/5s


Otterbox’s iPhone 5/5s cases include the Prefix, a protective shell with a rubber outer layer and free screen protector.

Belkin's Lego Cases for iPhone 5/5s


Belkin has teamed up with Lego to launch the Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5/5s – every big kid's dream. Turn your iPhone into a buildable brick while also protecting it from bumps and scratches.

Cygnett Alternates Series for iPhone 5/5s


We rather like Cygnett's Alternates series for iPhone 5/5s. The cases stick to the iPhone's two-tone style, and also use the same anodised aluminium as the iPhone 5's backplate, giving you the opportunity to switch up the colour the top and bottom portions of your device. While at work, you might prefer to have an all black or white case for your iPhone, but when you're out of the office you could add a splash of green, blue or pink to suit your mood.

Case-Mate Madison


For something a little more glamorous (and pricier too) you might like Case-Mate's Madison iPhone 5/5s case, which features Swarovski crystals and is made with real leather.

MediaDevil Grafikcase


If you fancy adding your own personal touch to your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, MediaDevil allows customers to choose their own photograph to be transformed into a protective Grafikcase for £19.97. Despite being quite flimsy, here at Macworld we've been using one of the Grafikcases on our iPhone for more than a year and still love having our very own photograph on the back of our device.

Find out more in our in-depth review.

Gelaskins HardCase for iPhone 5/5s


Gelaskins has made its popular HardCase available for iPhone 5/5s, so customers can choose their own photograph to be printed onto the case or pick from a variety of arty designs that have been pre-made.

QDOS Nightlife


If you're looking to add a bit of sparkle to your iPhone, then the QDOS Nightlife range might do the trick. It comes in black, blue or white and has rhinestones scattered across it, which are embedded into the polycarbonate case to prevent them from falling off. 

Denim by The Joy Factory


If you’re bummed about the fact that your iPhone 5 can’t easily fit in the pocket of your jeans, this case might be the one for you. Denim by the Joy Factory brings the familiar, casual, stylish denim feeling straight to your iPhone 5 with a denim exterior and a hard-shell interior. The functioning outer pocket can fit IDs, credit cards, cash, and so on. The case comes in three different varieties: indigo (above left), smoke (above right) and khaki.

Tough Naked by Case-Mate


Case-mate’s Tough Naked iPhone 5/5s/5c case features two protective layers and comes in grey, purple and pink colour options, all of the see-through variety. The case still retains its slim profile despite the double layer. The charging and headphone ports are completely accessible and the camera hole is big enough to prevent color-tinted photographs when you use the flash. The sleep and volume buttons are covered with additional metallic (though are still fully functioning), but unfortunately the mute switch is too deeply embedded into the case to access easily.

Evutec Karbon SP


The Evutec Karbon SP snap case is a great choice for someone looking for a simple, office-friendly, functional case. It has a interesting texture while remaining smooth and has a non-slip coating. This shockproof case contains DuPont Kevlar fibres – a lightweight and strong material with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis. However, the case doesn’t contain any metal properties so it will not block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal. It is a little difficult to press the sleep and volume buttons because they are covered, but other than that this case does its job well.

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