The best iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus cases

Whatever your personality and lifestyle, we've got a case to suit you in our round-up of the best iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cases we've seen.


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Apple iPhone 6s Leather Case

First up, it's worth pointing out that because they share the same dimensions, all of the cases in this round-up should fit the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the 6s models, even if we don't specify that for each case.

The first cases you'll come across are likely to be Apple's own cases, which are quite pricey but rather nice. There are various options available depending on your budget and tastes. The Leather Case for iPhone 6s, available in four different colours (Black, Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue, and Red), will cost you £45, while the iPhone 6s Plus Leather Case is £49.

There's a cheaper Silicone Case available for both iPhones too. It comes in four colours for iPhone 6s (White, Midnight Blue, Charcoal Grey, and Red) and costs £35, while 6s Plus owners get an extra colour option (Antique White) for £39.

If you're looking for iPhone 7 cases, click here.

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First up, it's worth pointing out that because they share the same dimensions, all of the cases in this round-up should fit the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the 6s models, even if we don't specify that for each case.

The first cases you'll come across are likely to be Apple's own cases, which are quite pricey but rather nice. There are various options available depending on your budget and tastes. The Leather Case for iPhone 6s, available in four different colours (Black, Saddle Brown, Midnight Blue, and Red), will cost you £45, while the iPhone 6s Plus Leather Case is £49.

There's a cheaper Silicone Case available for both iPhones too. It comes in four colours for iPhone 6s (White, Midnight Blue, Charcoal Grey, and Red) and costs £35, while 6s Plus owners get an extra colour option (Antique White) for £39.

If you're looking for iPhone 7 cases, click here.


Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Apple's Smart Battery Case comes in White or Charcoal Grey, and is made with silicone. It looks just like Apple's other silicone cases but with one big difference, and that's the bump on the back that houses the battery itself.

That battery should give you an extra 25 hours of battery life, which will certainly come in handy if you're out and about all weekend with no access to a power source.

In addition to the battery itself, you'll also get the added bonus of an intelligent battery status on your iPhone's Lock Screen and Notification Centre, so you can see how much power you have left on your iPhone and on the Battery Case.

It's worth noting that the case fits the iPhone 6 and 6s, but not either Plus variant.

You'll also find more battery cases and battery packs here.


Flavr iPhone cases

Flavr's range of iPhone 6s cases is fun and fresh, featuring illustrations of pugs and pineapples, cacti and Christmas jumpers. There's something for everyone in this range, and they are all slim and stylish to protect your iPhone whilst keeping it looking great.

New from Flavr is the gorgeous Real Flower Collection, each of which are handmade and contain (you guessed it) real flowers within the design. We love these, and they're only £24.99 each.

Not only are the designs of the Flavr cases brilliant, the price tag is too. Bargain.


Griffin Survivor Clear for iPhone 6/6s

Show off the back of your metallic iPhone 6 or 6s with the Griffin Survivor Clear. An affordable, well built bumper design with clear plastic back means no unsightly scratches, plus you can set your phone on a table with the screen facing down thanks to the raised edges.

It's available here for the iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus too.


Gear4 D30 IceBox Tone

We were looking for an iPhone case that provided superior protection without compromising on the slim form factor, and the Gear4 Black D30 IceBox Tone (a mouthful, we know!) is a great option. It's the first iPhone case to feature injection mouldable D30, providing superior protection when compared to similarly priced smartphones. 

For those that aren't aware, D30 is a soft, free flowing material when moving slowly but when shock/force is added, the material locks together to absorb and disperse energy before returning to its flexible state. Essentially, the greater the force, the greater the protection provided.

In fact, according to Gear4 the IceBox Tone can protect your iPhone from a 9ft drop, exceeding military standard drop tests - although we haven't tested it ourselves. 

With the D30 IceBox Tone, the D30 has been modified to match the colour of the device, and is actually a world first for metallic D30. The case features a clear polycarbonate back that shows off the sleek, minimalist design of the iPhone and provides users with something that isn't too heavy or bulky. 


Native Union Clic Soft Touch Wooden Case

We love the Native Union Clic Wooden Case. It's hand crafted and precision engineered from solid wood, so each has a unique grain pattern. There are six different colours to choose from, each extremely stylish. We particularly like the Olive/Walnut design but there are also Marine/Cherry wood, White/Cherry, Blossom/Walnut, Coral/Cherry and Black/Walnut.

A more expensive alternative from Native Union is the Clic Marble, the first real marble case for the iPhone 6s. It’s an interesting blend of protection and style, and every case is unique thanks to the veins that differ in every slab of marble.

You’d assume that real marble would add some bulk to your iPhone, but its only 0.8mm thin and Native Union prides it on its "lightweight design". It’s also cold to the touch, just like marble should be.

The Clic Marble is available to purchase now for the iPhone 6 or 6s in either black or white


Casetify iPhone 6s collection

Casetify offers hundreds of brilliant designs for any iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus owner. From Looney Tunes or DC Superheroes to flowers or animals, there's something to suit you all.

Most recently, Casetify has teamed up with Minions and illustrators Craig & Karl to launch a range of bananas cases complete with glitter and pinapples with eyes.

We've found all of the cases we've tried from Casetify to be perfectly fitting and sturdy, too.


Mophie juice pack H2PRO

We've used this case for the 6s Plus, but it is also available here for the smaller iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

The Plus models of the iPhone 6 are already quite large, so this isn't the case for you if you want to keep it as slender as possible. It is however ideal if you want a battery case that makes your precious Apple phone virtually indestructible. 

It's completey waterproof, and Mophie promises it can survive 30 minutes in 1.2m of water, which basically equates to spillages and the occasional underwater camera snap. When fully charged it gives your iPhone 70% additional power. A tough, bulky all-rounder.


Just Mobile rotating leather stand case

This case has a great unique design that makes you wonder why no one thought of it first. The case sits hands free vertically, but you can swivel your iPhone 6 or 6s horizontally for easy video viewing. 

With a clever magnetic flip closure, it's still slimline despite the swivel mechanism. You can pick one up from reichelt, an online electronics retailer that has some great prices on this and more tech accessories. 


Logitech Hinge Case

Loigtech makes excellent quality accessories for Apple's products and the Hinge Case does not disappoint. We like it in the blue, but you can also get black and red versions. 

You can position the clever fabric case via the hinge to many different landscape viewing angles, making this one of the most versatile iPhone cases we can recommend at the moment. 


Spigen Air Skin for iPhone 6s

The first case we tried on our iPhone 6s was the Spigen AirSkin, because it's an incredible 0.4mm thick and has a semi-transparent, matt effect that lets the Rose Gold or our model shine through. It's not going to save your iPhone if you drop it, but it will prevent scratches and stop your iPhone from rocking when you place it on a flat surface thanks to little plastic stabilisers that are level with the irritating protruding camera.

This case is ideal for someone looking for scratch protection that doesn't hinder the design of the iPhone at all. You'll hardly notice that you've even got a case on your iPhone at all.

It's available in soft clear, mint, grey, pink or beige (our favourite is soft clear but if you've got a silver or space grey iPhone and want to add a bit of colour then the other options might be worth trying).


Snakehive Slimline Leather Wallet

Top quality genuine leather? Check. Secure hidden magnetic closure? Check? Awesome colour choices? Check. These classic looking cases from Snakehive tick all the right boxes.

Designed for the iPhone 6 and 6s, we particularly like the teal version. It can hold two cards and will end up becoming your go-to wallet in all likelihood. 


Ted Baker Mirror Folio Case

Here's one for the fashion-savvy. The iPhone 6s cases in the Ted Baker collection feature the brand's gorgeous prints and stylish colours.

There are plenty of different designs and styles to choose from, including folios and soft-feel shell cases. We like this (admittedly feminine) flower design which has a mirror on the inside cover.


Greenwich Chrono for iPhone 6/6s

The Greenwich Chrono is a great example of a hand-made, luxurious book-style case available for the iPhone 6s. The leather used is soft to the touch and should age nicely, providing you with a rather unique looking case.

Finer details are hugely important to the manufacturers too, as even the stitching around the edge of the case looks expertly finished – so expertly finished that we even questioned if it was hand-stitched or machine made (we were reassured that it was hand-stitched!).

The Chrono isn’t just a piece of eye-candy though, as it also features lightweight carbon fibre hidden in the lining of the case to provide extra protection without compromising on its overall look/design.

It’s available in a variety of colours including Beluga Black, Saddle Tan, Fireglow Red, Linen Grey, Shortbread Cream, Seal Grey and Portofino Blue.


Cygnett AeroShield

Cygnett's AeroShield is another option that doesn't cover up the colour and design of the iPhone 6s but does offer good protection against knocks, bumps and scratches.

It's made with clear, hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbent polyurethane around the edges.


Devia Melody

The Devia Melody iPhone 6s case is a hard shell case that's completely transparent aside from the gold edges and stripe design along the bottom. It looks pretty great on our Rose Gold iPhone 6s, with a smooth plastic finish that feels nice in the hand.

The only downfall is that it doesn't completely cover the top of the iPhone 6s (which is a bit odd!) so we'd be slightly concerned about scratches there.


Nodus Shell Case

The Nodus shell case for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is a gorgeous option for those looking for something a little more luxurious to protect our iPhones. The case is comprised of a thin polycarbonate core, which should provide a good level of shock absorbency, and is then wrapped in gorgeous, full-grain Italian leather.

The combination of the two materials creates a case that’s durable and shock absorbent, and as the leather starts to wear, it’ll create a ‘look’ unique to your case.

That’s not all though, as the Nodus shell case features magnetic technology that’ll work with Nodus’ magnetic accessories, one of which is provided with the case. Simply attach the magnet to a wall or car dashboard and the case will stay put whenever attached.

You need not worry about interference either, as the company reassures us that the magnetic bond does not interfere with the iPhone or any of its features.


Cover-Up WoodBack Real Wood Matt Black Case

The Woodback case collection by Cover-Up is an interesting case concept that uses both polycarbonate and wood that the company claims is sustainably sourced. The great thing about using real wood in cases is that every case is unique – the grains are never exactly alike in two cases, and as they age they’ll continue to look great. 

The wood is laser cut and then hand-sanded to give a smooth finish – no one wants splinters from their phone case do they? It’s then coated with a “specially selected finish made from vegetable oils and waxes” according to Cover-Up, which gives the case a subtle shine and protects it from water and dirt.

It’s available in loads of different colours and designs, but we love the Gold Lightning Bolt case. 

As well as looking good, the case should also protect your iPhone against bumps and drops without adding much weight thanks to the polycarbonate outer shell. It’s a great blend of nature and technology, and one that’ll make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. 


Mujjo Leather Wallet Shell

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus cases don't get much classier than the Dutch-designed Mujjo Leather Wallet Case, made from stitched leather with a suede-lined interior.

The leather is vegetable-tanned, meaning it takes on a patina and polish as it ages. Mujjo has also upgraded the case with its Moulded Edge Technology. This increases the durability of the leather at its most fragile points, and should extend the case’s life as it gets roughed around in your jeans pocket.

Available in black, grey and tan, the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case features a card flap, meaning you can leave your wallet at home for good.


OtterBox Symmetry Case

Otterbox is famous for its super-strong cases, either for the adventurer, ultra cautious, or very clumsy – or just parents with small, butter-fingered children. Its Symmetry Series of cases for the iPhone 6 feel like they take quite a beating before anything bad happened to your precious iPhone.

The Symmetry case comes in a wide range of colours, from black to girly-girly patterns, and has dual-material construction to absorb shock and withstands drops. In addition its raised beveled edge should keep your screen safe.


X-Doria Defense 360

This is smart - clear, unobtrusive protection for the iPhone 6 or 6s that protects the front as well as the back of the phone. Many cases hug the metallic back of the iPhone, but surely it's the screen that is most smashable?

The 360 solves that with a hard injected front side case that still allows complete use of the touchscreen. Neat, functional and affordable at under £20.

You can also get it for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus here.


Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone

The SurfacePad for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is a premium quality Napa leather jacket, which according to Twelve South was designed to “protect iPhone without adding bulk and weight”.

As well as protecting your iPhone’s body and screen from damage, the front cover doubles up as a wallet with two handy card slots. It also offers a hands-free viewing experience, in a similar fashion to how many iPad folios also offer hands-free viewing modes.


STM Dux Case for iPhone

STM's Dux case for iPhone 6 has reinforced corners to protect your iPhone from bumps and knock, but also has a clear back to allow the colour and design of your shiny new iPhone show through.

The Dux case is available for both the iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus, and also comes in red or black.


Omaker Bumper Case

We like the Omaker Bumper case for iPhone 6. It uses air cushion technology and shock absorption technology to help protect the smartphone without adding too much extra bulk. Basically, that technology involves a flexible material, padded corners, slightly raised edges to protect the screen and camera, and a grainy interior to help save your iPhone 6 in the case of bumps and knocks.

It's semi-transparent, too, so you don't have to completely cover up the design of the iPhone itself.

You'll get access to all of the iPhone's ports and buttons, and you'll also get a tiny plastic component that can help prevent dust and dirt from finding its way into the headphone jack.


Cygnett WorkMate

Cygnett's WorkMate iPhone 6 case is designed with shock absorption in mind, made with a three layers. The outer layer has a high-grip silicone inlay and anti-slip ridges around the edge, too.

It's available in three colours: Blue, Red or Black.


Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

For the clumsy among you, Griffin has launched the Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case. It uses four layers of protection including a built-in screen protector and sealed ports to keep your iPhone safe from drops, dust, rain, impacts and vibration, according to the company.

It even comes with a heavy-duty rotating clip to secure your iPhone to your belt or bag.

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