Can’t wait to gets your hands on the amazing new iPhone 5s? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will be constantly updated to give you all the latest information on prices and tariffs from all the major mobile networks - so check back often to get the latest news.

We now have contract info for the iPhone 5s from O2, Vodafone, Three, EE, T-Mobile and Tesco Mobile. 

We now have pricing from Virgin Mobile, althogh their website went down while we were trying to obtain the various contract prices available - which include discounts for Virgin Media subscribers.

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iPhone 5s - unlocked prices

If you have the cash, you can easily grab yourself and iPhone 5s without a contract (aka unlocked) from Apple’s online store, from its physical stores and, of course, from mobile phone stores like Carphone Warehouse. The iPhone 5s went on sale on Friday 20 September. However supplies are very constrained, especially if you wanted to purchase the gold version of the iPhone 5s. 

Read about how to get a gold iPhone 5s here. 

The iPhone 5s comes in three different colours - gold, silver and space grey - and offers a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage capacities, with 16GB models begin the cheapest and 64GB models being the most expensive.

iPhone 5s 16GB - £549 without a contract

iPhone 5s 32GB - £629 without a contract 

iPhone 5s 64GB - £709 without a contract

Obviously you will need to factor in the monthly outlay of whatever contract or pay-as-you-go deal you opt for. 

iPhone 5s - contract prices 

Buying an iPhone 5s with a mobile contract is a more complicated business thanks to the huge variation tariffs and networks on offer. We’re going to list the most important ones from all the major mobile networks here. We’ll update this section with further details as soon as we have them.

What are the UK mobile networks charging for the iPhone? 

This table shows the 4G contracts available in the UK, there are more details below the table and on the following pages. 

Which iPhone 5s contract is best for data

You can get 20GB of data on EE for £51 a month (24 months). Total cost for the 64GB handset is £1,453. 

Alternatively Three claims to offer Unlimited data.  

Which iPhone 5s contract gives a free handset 

You can get a free handset with all the Tesco Mobile contracts. Alternatively, you can get a free handset if you sign up for the 16GB version of the iPhone 5s with O2. You will pay more in the long run though. 

Which iPhone 5s contract has the lowest monthly cost 

The lowers monthly cost for the 16GB iPhone 5s is £17 a month for 24 months from O2. Vodafone offers the iPhone 5s 64GB on a 12 month contract for £52 a month. Interestingly you would end up paying almost the same in the long run (£1,003 compared to £1,008).

Which iPhone 5s contract is cheapest over two years 

You can pay £883.99 over two years for the iPhone 5s 16GB with O2. 

Alternatively the iPhone 5s 32GB can be bought on contract for £973.99 over two years, also from O2. 

The cheapest two year contract for the iPhone 5s 64GB is £1,043.99 over two years. 

Note, these O2 contracts have very little data - 500MB. Since this is a 4G contract we would recommend you pay more to get adequate data. 

You can read all the data about the price plans on the following pages.  

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Tesco Mobile iPhone 5s pricing 

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EE iPhone 5s pricing

Orange iPhone 5s pricing

Three iPhone 5s pricing

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Virgin Mobile iPhone 5s pricing

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