How Windows 10 is even more like Mac OS X

Microsoft is calling the next version of its operating system Windows 10 - and it's not just the name that is similar to Apple's Mac OS X.


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It’s called Windows 10

Rather than calling it Windows 9 - the natural progression from Windows 8 - Microsoft is skipping Windows 9 because:

(a) Windows 8 was a disaster

(b) It sounds like Mac OS X

(c) It can’t count

(d) It’s such a big release it needed a bigger number

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Rather than calling it Windows 9 - the natural progression from Windows 8 - Microsoft is skipping Windows 9 because:

(a) Windows 8 was a disaster

(b) It sounds like Mac OS X

(c) It can’t count

(d) It’s such a big release it needed a bigger number

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It's free

Windows 10 will be a completely free upgrade, as long as you are a Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 7 user, because 

(a) Microsoft is annoyed at all those people who never upgraded from Windows XP

(b) Microsoft loves its customers so much

(c) OS X Mavericks and Yosemite were both free

(d) Consumers expect everything to be free these days, if it's not free they steal it

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The Start menu returns

Here's somethign Apple doesn't have... Microsoft has returned the Start menu because:

(a) PC users were confused about how to shut down their PCs when it vanished from Windows 8

(b) Because it’s impossible to navigate a PC without it

(c) ‘You’ve got ta be starting something’

(d) Because it’s more than a Start menu; it’s now fully customizable and resizable


Notification Centre

Windows Phone's Action Center will be coming to desktop in Windows 10. It will offer notifications, quick actions and more. Doesn't that sounds like Notification Center in OS X Yosemite?

(a) Yes, although you could say that Notification Centre on the iPhone wasn't exactly the first either...

(b) It won't be as useful though

(c) And more importantly you won't be able to turn it off: there is no do not disturb feature

(d) And aren't Notifications just a tad annoying...


Windows will ‘snap’ into place

Microsoft says working in multiple apps at once will be easier because thanks to what it’s calling “snap enhancements”.

(a) This sounds like Expose, doesn’t it?

(b) All the apps and programs you have running will snap into place (like in Expose)

(c) You can see more of what is in each window (like in Expose)

(d) A new prompt will suggest which apps should be snapped beside each other (does it look like a paperclip?)   

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It offers a multiple desktop view

You can switch between different desktops… hang on a minute, haven’t we seen that some place before?

(a) Yes, it’s called Spaces and it’s been in OS X for ages

(b) Microsoft will allow you to ‘snap’ more than one app to a display (like Spaces)

(c) This is Microsoft’s solution to running more than one screen - apparently that wasn’t easy before.

(d) Windows users finally get a chance to hide their social networking and other NSFW apps in a Space, I mean Virtual Desktop

Here’s how to use Multiple Displays on a Mac


Windows 10 will be everywhere (including on your Mac)

Windows 10 will support all screen sizes from 4-inch. So that means Windows 10 will run on:

(a) Smartphones

(b) Tablets

(c) PCs

(d) Macs, because as we all know, you can run Windows on a Mac


Universal apps

In Windows 10 apps will also run on mobiles, tablets and PCs. That's right, there will only be one Windows and any app that runs in Windows will run on all devices that run Windows 10.... Why doesn’t Apple have one OS across all devices allowing for unified apps?

(a) Apple already offers versions of many of its apps for both OS X and iOS

(b) Apple believes that to give customers the best experience apps should be designed to work well on both devices

(c) Even apps that only run on one device can still have a Widgets that appears in Notification Centre on iOS 8 and Yosemite

(d) We agree though, it would be nice to run some of our iOS apps on our Macs… Read our review of iOS 8


All Your Photos

The Photos app for Windows 10 has been improved so you'll see the same photo stream across your Windows 10 devices, doesn't that sounds like iCloud Photo Library, Apple's service that will work with the new Photos app to keep your photos and videos stored in iCloud and up-to-date across all your devices?

(a) iCloud Photo Library is still in beta though, when will Apple get around to actually launching it?

(b) Having all your images in the cloud sounds good, as long as they don't disapear one day. Do we trust Apple and Microsoft enough?

(c) And aren't people getting a bit cautious about having their images in the cloud after the celebrity photo leak in 2014? Read: How to keep your photos safe online

(d) I have too many photos, backed up all over the place, might be a good time to sort though them...


Cortana v Siri

Windows 10 gains Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant and Siri rival. Cortana will be activated either by clicking on a button beside the Start button on the desktop, or by saying “Hey Cortana”. Will Apple be bringing Siri to the Mac then? 

(a) We just can't see ourselves talking to our Macs, especially not in a busy work space... As for when we are at home, won't that be a bit like talking to yourself, the first sign of madness...

(b) Do people even use Siri on their iPhones?

(c) Microsoft seems to have accepted that people won't necessarily talk to their PC, you can also tap in your request using the keyboard

(d) We wouldn't be surprised if Siri does arrive on the Mac with the next version of OS X though... Read about what we know about OS X 10.11 so far here.

Plus: Will Siri ever launch on the Mac


Microsoft is revamping Internet Explorer

Project Spartan is to be Microsoft’s new web browser, shipping with Windows 10, how will it match up to Safari?

(a) Microsoft says Spartan has a new rendering engine that's "compatible with today's web". Just in the nick of time then...

(b) New Spartan features include a reading mode, it lets you create a reading list that shows up on all your devices, this content is then available to read offline, so it won't matter if you have no internet connection.... Safari Reading List anyone?

(c) You will also be able to annotate with a keyboard, pen or a finger before you share an article. This sounds like something that could come to OS X, given the fact that image and PDF notation features have already arrived in Mail.

(d) Windows web browser will integrate with Cortana, so that when you're on a web page for a restaurant Cortana can make a booking. We're thinking this won't work all that well in practice...


There’s a new search button

Microsoft has added a new search button to the taskbar… Isn't that a little bit like Spotlight?

(a) Yes, sounds like Spotlight to us, except that Microsoft is integrating Cortana into the equation...

(b) In order to make finding things easier Windows 10 Search and File Explorer will display recent files and frequently visited folders

(c) If you can search the web this way we expect it will default to Bing, like Spotlight does on a Mac

(d) Well anything that makes it easier to find stuff has to be good. Read about Spotlight in Yosemite


Command Prompt

Among the more geeky stuff, the Command Prompt has had a redesign to make it easier to use:

(a) Apparently it’s a pretty big deal that its getting keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+V)

(b) Yes, you can already do this in Terminal in OS X

(c) In fact you have been able to for a decade now

(d) Command Prompt; it’s a big deal for some, but many will never use it…


User interface

Apparently there are signs of drop shadows around the new OS 10, we mean Windows 10

(a) There are Apple-esc subtle drop shadows around apps

(b) A new bar in the task bar at the bottom of the screen shows which apps are running – let’s call it the Dock

(c) The Windows 8 tile interface from Windows 8 is still there, but it's just a few tiles in the Start menu

(d) Of course it’s still ugly compared to OS X


Games & Gimmicks

Not only will Windows 10 run on XBox, Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to the desktop. Players will also be able to play Xbox One games on their PC by streaming them directly from their console to their Windows 10 tablet or PC within their home.

Microsoft is also working on an augmented reality system called HoloLens, using a headset a little like Google Glass. Windows 10 will be the first holographic computing platform and a set of APIs will mean developers can create holographic experiences in the real world. Apparently HoloLens lets you interact with 'holograms' that you see.  You could use HoloLens to play games in a virtual 3D environment.

So Apple, what do you have to offer? 

(a) There are patents that suggest that Apple has been researching some of these areas, read more here: What Apple patents say about iPhone 6, iPad 6, iWatch & other future products.

(b) How about this Virtual reality head mounted display patented by Apple

(c) There are also claims that Apple will integrate movement recognition into the Apple TV, and maybe also the Mac. This is based on the fact that the company acquired PrimeSense - the developer of the motion-tracking tech inside the original Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360...

(d) We'd really like to see Apple improve the Apple TV so that it runs all the games and apps available on the iPhone and iPad... Here's more about what we hope to see in the next Apple TV: Apple TV rumours.


It’s launching in 2015

Windows 10 won’t hit PCs until summer 2015 and by then we'll be looking at a new version of OS X... 

(a) ‘Redmond, start your photocopiers’

(b) Apple's next version of OS X will probably be unveiled at WWDC in June 2015, Windows 10 may still not have launched by then

(c) There is still plenty of time for Windows users dismayed by Windows 8 to desert Microsoft in favour of Apple

(d) Is it too late for Microsoft? Who actually owns a Windows Phone, and did anyone actually bother to upgrade to Windows 8?

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