When will Apple launch its next version of macOS - macOS 10.13, the follow-up to macOS Sierra? And what new features will macOS 10.13 add to the Mac?

macOS Sierra was released to the public on 20 September 2016, but we're already looking ahead to the next version of macOS. In this article we round up all the clues, hints and speculation related to macOS 10.13, 2017's update to the Mac operating system: macOS 10.13's release date in the UK, its code name, and the new features we expect it to bring to the Mac. We also include our wishlist of new features that we hope to see in the new macOS update next year.

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Updated 29 November with macOS version updates.

macOS 10.13 release date rumours UK: Launch date

Current public version: 10.12.1
Current beta version: 10.12.2 beta 4, which includes bug fixes over beta 3 and new wallpapers

Apple is nothing if not predictable when it comes to macOS updates. Every year, without fail, it unveils the new version of macOS (or, before 2016, Mac OS X) at WWDC in June. So you can pretty safely put your money on macOS 10.13 making its first public appearance at WWDC 2017.

Here's our expected release schedule for macOS 10.13:

  • June 2017: macOS 10.13 unveiled at WWDC 2017. Apple demonstrates new features and announces name of new OS. First developer beta released to devs.
  • July 2017: First public beta released. Developer beta continues to receive updates.
  • September 2017: Final version of macOS 10.13 is released to the public.

macOS 10.13 release date rumours UK: Name

Apple long ago left behind its 'operating systems named after big cats' routine, and macOS 10.13, like Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra, will be named after a place in California. We discuss a few places that would make good macOS names in this article: 14 possible names for the next version of macOS.

At this stage Apple probably hasn't settled on an official name for next year's update. It'll get a code name before then. (Up to 2014, each version of Mac OS X had an internal code name taken from a wine as well as their official cat/place name; from 2015 Apple took its internal OS codenames from types of, well, Apple - the fruit, that is. macOS Sierra was codenamed Fuji.)

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macOS 10.13 release date rumours UK: Name

macOS 10.13 release date rumours UK: New features wishlist

While Apple's macOS Sierra update is pretty huge and adds a wide range of handy and interesting new features, there are some things we'd been hoping for that didn't happen. Here are some new features we'd like to see in macOS 10.13.

iTunes redesign

Ahead of WWDC 2016, rumours suggested that iTunes would get a complete redesign alongside the Apple Music app for iOS, making it easier to use, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple Music did get a makeover, but iTunes was left alone this time. It's a real shame because we think iTunes is in dire need of an overhaul.

Bring back the Save As shortcut

We're still not sure why Apple replaced Save-As (Command-Shift-S) with Duplicate in its iWork apps, but we think Apple should rethink the approach. Whatever new approach to file saving they had planned hasn't gained wider industry traction, and it's just confusing to everybody who knows the Command-Shift-S is Save As.

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Sort out automation once and for all

macOS 10.13 release date rumours UK: Automator for macOS

Apple has spent a lot of time working on automation over the years, and now has AppleScript, Automator and Javascript for macOS all working. We think Apple should focus on one of those, and make it work, and we think it should be Javascript (it just has wider community support). The lack of a decent scripting solution in OS X drives us crazy.

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Health app for macOS

Health is a great app for iOS and Apple Watch, and we think it'd be nice to see it come across to macOS. Being able to keep an eye on your health stats from the desktop would help Health become a much more versatile tool.

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System-wide Dark Mode

Dark Mode for the Dock and Menu bar is nice, but we'd love to see it integrated System Wide and adjust the whole appearance of macOS. There was a rumour of a Dark Mode reskin called Marble at one point, and we'd love to see a darker, edgier macOS.

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Dedicated Music App for macOS

There's no getting away from the fact that iTunes is a big, bloated mess of an app. We'd love to see Apple break iTunes up into a series of smaller apps (as it is in iOS). Top of our list would be a dedicated Music app, with deep integration with Apple Music. But we'd also love to see separate Podcasts and iTunes Store apps.

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Clock App for macOS

Wouldn't it be great if macOS had a proper Clock app, with all the functionality of the Clock app in iOS? The widget is fine, but a dedicated app with Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer functionality for macOS would come in handy.

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iCloud Time Machine

You can back up your iOS devices to the cloud, but what about your Mac? With cloud storage prices falling, we think it's high time Apple brought cloud backup directly into macOS. You might have to pay extra for the solution, but it'd be a much better system than backing up Macs to external drives.

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Merge Siri and Spotlight

This feature is more for convenience, rather than anything else and will provide a greater integration of both local and internet-based searches. This principle is similar to the way Microsoft integrated its own voice-based tool, Cortana into the search function of Windows 10. Of course, if you prefer not to use Siri you can always disable it from the settings.

iPhone auto unlock

macOS Sierra brought us auto unlock using an Apple Watch, however we are sure many would appreciate unlocking their Macs with their iPhones. We're not too sure how the feature would work, but we can only hope that Apple will work their magic to bring the feature to those who don't own an Apple Watch.