DVD Studio Pro 3 is the cornerstone of Apple’s Production Suite and is one of the apps capable of actually driving PC users to the Power Mac G5. Alternatives to DVD Studio Pro 3 for professional DVD authoring are scarce. Encore DVD 1.5 simply can’t keep up. While Adobe Creative Suite excels at usability and reliability on Mac OS X as well as Windows XP, the release of Encore DVD 1.5 wasn’t Adobe’s finest hour. Whoever tried to build a DVD project using Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 on a PC, had any reason to be disappointed that this app, while apparently still in the Beta stage, was sold as a ‘final’ product.

After some initial problems with previous releases, Apple is now out of the woods and on the market with a very strong product.

Getting started

Preparing to dive into DVD Studio Pro 3, one last word before you get started. It’s advisable to run Software Update to bring Mac OS X 10.3 to its latest version (currently 10.3.6 build 7R28) and visit Apple to register and get the latest must-have updates.