Best cases, bags and accessories for USB-C MacBook

The 12-inch MacBook is beautiful, and you'll want to protect it with a decent case or bag. It also only has one port, so we've rounded up the best protection and useful accessories for the USB-C MacBook.


  • dodocool usb c usb hub Dodocool USB-C Charging Hub
  • mujjo macbook 12 sleeve case Mujjo Carry On
  • bookbook Twelve South BookBook
  • sena Sena Snap-On
  • g drive G-Drive
  • moshi Moshi iGlaze
  • woolnut sleeve brown Woolnut sleeve
  • knomo sleeve Knomo Leather Sleeve
  • knomo bag Knomo Briefcase
  • microsoft office 365 for mac Microsoft Office 365
  • mos go powerbank MOS Go USB-C Powerbank
  • 372 Belkin charger
  • stm drifter STM Drifter
  • parcslope Twelve South ParcSlope
  • griffin elevator Griffin Elevator
  • plugbug Twelve South PlugBug
  • sandisk SanDisk USB-C stick
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Dodocool USB-C Charging Hub

  • RRP: £19.99, US$56

For laptops that support only USB-C the Dodocool USB-C charging hub is a neat gadget that allows you to add on four full-size USB 3.0 ports that can handle data transfer at up to 5Gb/s, and still charge your device via the USB-C input at the bottom.

The Dodocool is a great-looking device, available with a gold or grey matt aluminium outer casing. It feels well made and is easy to use, with no drivers required.

The Dodocool USB-C charging hub costs £19.99 from Amazon UK ($24.99 and comes with an 18-month warranty.

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For laptops that support only USB-C the Dodocool USB-C charging hub is a neat gadget that allows you to add on four full-size USB 3.0 ports that can handle data transfer at up to 5Gb/s, and still charge your device via the USB-C input at the bottom.

The Dodocool is a great-looking device, available with a gold or grey matt aluminium outer casing. It feels well made and is easy to use, with no drivers required.

The Dodocool USB-C charging hub costs £19.99 from Amazon UK ($24.99 and comes with an 18-month warranty.


Mujjo Folio sleeve

  • RRP: £120
  • Buy from Mujjo

You buy the 12-inch Apple Macbook as much for its looks as its super portability, so easy travel combined with stylish looks is what you’ll no doubt be after in a carry case for the slim, lightweight laptop.

Mujjo’s Carry-On Folio Sleeve for the 12-inch Macbook features an intuitive and comfortable way to pick up and carry the laptop.

The sleek lines, high-quality full-grain leather and wool felt lining complement both your style and Apple’s.

Designed by Remy Nagelmaeker, the leather folio is designed specifically for traveling light and in comfort.

The dark gun-metal hardware sharpens the look of the sleeve and complements the black vegetable-tanned leather. A custom-built YKK zipper extends through three sides of the sleeve. This creates a spacious U-shaped opening along the horizontal and vertical sides of the leather folio, which allows you to easily insert and remove your Macbook.

Integrated double storage compartments let you store your daily essentials, a few cards and more.

Quick access to your Macbook, documents, earplugs, pencils, and other essentials makes this an ideal travel partner.

The Carry-On Folio Sleeve for the 12-inch Macbook is available for €119.90 on, with free shipping worldwide.


Twelve South BookBook

  • RRP: £69.99

Twelve South makes some excellent quality products, including several that complement the 12-inch MacBook. This BookBook cover joins its growing range of cases that look like something you’d find on a dusty shelf in a French castle.

It adds a little bulk to your svelte MacBook, but given it’s the thinnest laptop in Apple’s range this is also the least bulky BookBook. It has a lovely padded interior to prevent scratches, with the option to strap your laptop in and use it as an open book-style case, or as a simpler slipcase.

It’s also available in a slightly more expensive but equally luxurious Rutledge Edition, which uses a different dying technique to get a redder colour.

Get the Rutledge Edition from Amazon


Sena Ultra Thin Snap-On

  • RRP: €119.95
  • Buy from Sena

Sena makes well thought-out cases for a range of Apple products, and the MacBook is no exception. We particularly like this Ultra Thin Snap-On that allows you to use your laptop as normal without taking it on and off.

It snaps on easily, though you may not want to keep taking it on and off throughout the day – it’s meant to be used on the laptop, so if you’re bothered about not being able to see the outer casing of your MacBook, this might not be one for you. But we like the fact it disguises your expensive bit of kit as a leather folder, which is handy in busy cities. 

It’s available in black, grey, and red from Sena’s US site and you can get free UK delivery.


G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE

  • RRP: £99.95
  • Buy from Apple

This excellent USB-C hard drive isn't made by Apple, but it's sold exclusively by it - proving that it is highly thought of as Cupertino's finest steps boldly into the USB-C era. It has 1TB of memory for all your backup and storage needs, but bear in mind this is a 7200 RPM machine, it's not an SSD (solid state drive).

The USB-C transfer speeds to and from the 12 inch MacBook are exceptionally zippy - we moved a 70GB music collection in under 5 minutes to our machine. Bear in mind that you can use it with the supplied regular USB cable on any other PC or Mac too, but speeds will be slower. 

You also have to format the machine for use on either PC or Mac, though with a bit of tinkering we were able to set it up to work with both operating systems simultaneously. Check out this article which explains how to do that!


Moshi i-Glaze

  • RRP: £44.99

This excellent snap-on case from Moshi is the best choice if you want to protect your MacBook with a case that you don’t have to take on and off while also showing off the laptop’s exquisite design. It’s a hardened plastic that is just the right side of opaque, so inevitable scratches don’t really show, while allowing the colour of the device to shine through. 

It comes in two sections that snap onto both halves of the computer, allowing full use of the hinge, keyboard (obviously) and ports (all two of them). It even has four rubberised feet to stop it sliding about.


Woolnut leather sleeve for 12in MacBook

  • RRP: €69 (approximately £60)
  • Buy from Woolnut

One of the most impressive sleeves we've used recently, the Woolnut sleeve for the 12in MacBook is available in this smart brown or black. The Swedish brand specialises in MacBook sleeves, so the craftsmanship is on point.

The felt lining will keep your MacBook safe from harm, plus it's so versatile with its classic look that you could take this into the board room or the espresso bar and not look out of place. 


Knomo Barbican Leather Sleeve

  • RRP: £70
  • Buy from Knomo

This is hands-down one of the best quality and well made laptop sleeves for the MacBook. Perfect for people from the business exec taking it from meeting to meeting to the practical student who needs a decent case, the Barbican from Knomo is a great sleeve. 

It’s made from PU coated leather and has a well-padded interior into which the MacBook fits snugly – it won’t be sliding about at all in transit. When in use it’s even slim enough to fit into a backpack. A zipper guard when closed protects your computer from scratches. 

Each case has a unique code printed on the inside that you can register with Knomo so that if lost your case (and potentially expensive MacBook) can be returned to you by its finder.


Knomo Hanover Slim Briefcase

  • RRP: £119
  • Buy from Knomo

Designed with women in mind, this handbag/briefcase design is elegant and practical at the same time. It fits laptops up to 14 inches, so the MacBook fits in easily, and given that laptops slim profile, you’ll have tons of room for your day-to-day bits and pieces too.

There’s a removable shoulder strap and a pocket on the inside that would fit an iPad or notebook as well. It’s available in five colours and is perfect for work or everyday casual use.


Microsoft Office 365

  • RRP: From £5.99 per month
  • Buy from Microsoft

The MacBook is a powerful work tool, and you may well be perfectly happy using Pages, Numbers and Keynote as your productivity software. However, you might prefer Microsoft's insanely popular Office software.

And with good reason - Word, Excel and Powerpoint are brilliant for getting stuff done, it's just a shame that they don't come bundled with Macs. The best way to get it is through a flexible Office 365 subscription. You can pay as little as £5.99 per month for access to the software, and you can cancel at any time on certain plans.

It's a great way to get instant updates too, as the packages are all online to download. There are also options for business to. See which package suits you best here.

We've also got a full guide on Office for Mac, which you can read here


MOS Go USB-C Powerbank

  • RRP: $119.95
  • Buy from MOS

We've probably all invested in a power bank of some sort in the past few years owing to our smartphones running out of juice halfway through the day as we hammer them incessantly. Laptop power is a different story on the move - either you find a wall plug or it dies.

The MOS Go is a cool little power brick for the USB-C MacBook. It has the specs to charge your laptop, when in use, to nearly the same degree the wall charger can. There's 3 ports, one to charge the unit, one to charge your MacBook, and the other for charging USB-A devices.

It's great to see MOS being one of the first on the market to produce such a product, it's just unfortunate it doesn't come with a USB-C cable, so be warned.

Why not check out the best battery packs & power banks for iPhone & iPad?


Belkin USB-C in-car charger

  • RRP: £34.99
  • Buy from Belkin

You may be familiar with in-car phone chargers, but Belkin has made a USB-C charger for use on the road that is able to power and charge your MacBook.

Belkin claims it's the first of its kind, and the ability to meeting-hop in your car while charging your MacBook is a great option to have. Also, with many other devices adopting USB-C this handy little accessory will prove itself very handy over the coming years. 


STM Drifter laptop backpack

  • RRP: £94.99
  • Buy from STM

We’ve seen and used a fair few laptop backpacks in our time, and the STM Drifter is undoubtedly one of the best. It’s on the larger side, but if you cart round your MacBook and want space for a fair bit more kit, this is the choice for you. 

It fits laptops up to 15 inches, but we used our 12-inch MacBook inside a case in this bag and there was still room for an iPad, headphones, lunch, several cables and adapters, and more besides.

When worn on two shoulders the weight is distributed excellently, and it has a rain cover that zips out the bottom – though the material itself is rugged and water resistant. Highly recommended.


Twelve South ParcSlope stand

  • RRP: £44.99

The ParcSlope stand from Twelve South is the kind of accessory you don’t realise you needed until you try it, and then you can’t live without it. It works excellently with the MacBook, which when open is tilted to an 18 degree angle that is suitable for long-form typing. It also encourages cooling, as the laptop is not touching the desk all day long.

It’s made of one solid piece of metal, with rubberised sections to hold the MacBook perfectly in place. You can feed cables through the back and they’re held in place for next time when you whish your computer away. It’s great to stop you hunching over your desk by lifting the MacBook to a comfortable viewing angle.

It’s suitable for any MacBook and you can pair it with a keyboard and mouse for a desktop like experience if you like.


Griffin Elevator stand

  • RRP: £29.99

This well made stand from Griffin is useful if you want to use your MacBook as a desktop replacement. It comes in three parts and is easily assembled for use on a flat surface. Place the laptop open on the rubberised arms, and you find it at comfortable viewing height for all-day use.

Be warned though – you can’t type while it’s on there as it’s too high, this is a stand intended to be paired with a separate keyboard and mouse. It’s an excellent, affordable and packable solution to using your laptop in a comfortable desktop scenario.


Twelve South PlugBug World

  • RRP: £39.95
  • Buy from Apple

As well as preventing you from connecting printers and other devices, the lone USB-C port on the MacBook also means that you can't use it to charge mobile devices such as an iPhone or Apple Watch while the MacBook itself is being charged up from the mains. The PlugBug is an ingenious solution to that problem, acting as a dual-charger and a travel kit at the same time.

The cherry-red PlugBug piggybacks on to the MacBook's normal charging block so you can still plug the MacBook into the mains just as you would normally. However, the PlugBug also includes a USB port so that you can plug in and charge another device at the same time. The USB port provides 2.1A output, so it's powerful enough to charge even a 10-inch iPad Air quite quickly.

You can also detach the PlugBug from your MacBook charger and just use it as a wall charger for your iOS devices when you're travelling. There are five adaptors suitable for different countries included with the PlugBug, so you can use it in most regions around the world. It's compatible with most other MacBook models as well, including the MagSafe 2 chargers on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, so it's a really useful little accessory for anyone that travels a lot with their laptop.


SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C

  • RRP: £8.99

SanDisk's new Dual USB Drive is a good back up option for the MacBook as it's one of the few storage devices we've seen so far that includes a USB-C connector for the new MacBook. Even better is the fact that it also has a conventional USB 3.0/2.0 connector as well, so you can use it with other Macs and PCs and quickly transfer files onto your MacBook. There's even an Android app that allows you to use it with Android devices - but not, unfortunately, with an iPhone or iPad. 

The Dual USB Drive measures just 43mm long, so it's easy to slip into your pocket when you're on the move. It starts from £8.99 for 16GB, but goes all the way up to 128GB if you have more serious storage needs.

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