Motion 1.0 has already shaken the industry with its revolutionary approach to animation (see review in Macworld UK, October 2004, page 39). Join us on a journey to discover what this brand-new app can do for you.

What sets Motion 1.0 apart from any other special-effects and motion-graphics software is that it allows you to create animations without ever touching a key-frame editor. This can be achieved using, for example, behaviours, and is also a real breakthrough in terms of productivity.

To start working in Motion you should familiarize yourself with the File Browser, the Library, the Inspector and the Dashboard. The File Browser provides easy access to documents. Motion's Library holds the graphical representation of objects and functions such as Behaviours, Filters, Generators, Particle Emitters, Shapes, Gradients, Fonts, LiveFonts, etc. Filters, behaviours and particles can be applied easily by drag-&-dropping them from Motion's Library palette onto the canvas. The purpose of the Inspector is to allow easy access to all editable properties of the selected object or group of objects.