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Do you think Samsung copied Apple?

Posted 10 Aug 12

The battle between Apple and Samsung continues, but we want to know what you think about the who copied who lawsuit.

Do you think that Samsung copied Apple, or that Apple copied Samsung? Or do you think that the trial is getting a bit silly?

Let us know you thoughts.
Mark Hattersley replied…

Posted 10 Aug 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

Absolutely. I think if you look at the smartphone market pre iPhone (Nokia N95) and post iPhone (Samsung S3 and every other phone on the market) then you can't miss the impact Apple had. Every phone now looks like an iPhone. Samsung is the biggest target, but if Apple wins against Samsung it'll start on all the other phone manufacturers.

Some seem to confuse invention with implementation. Sure, Apple didn't really invent most of the tech in the iPhone, but they legitimately bought it or used tech that was standard in the market, mixed it together in a unique way that made a phone substantially better than anything else on the market. So in that sense they did invent the iPhone.

Do we think companies be allowed to copy other companies, and if so to what extent? Do we want to live in a tech world where if a company comes up with a singular way of doing something; no other company can follow it's lead? Or one that is a total free for all.
karenhaslam replied…

Posted 10 Aug 12

I think having seen that 132 page Samsung document that compared the iPhone to the Galaxy S there can be no doubt that Samsung went about meticulously copying features of the interface...

Samsung's only argument in the battle is to try and prove that there is nothing illegal about copying. That's why they are trying to disqualify the patents...

The whole thing is a farce though, and every day the situation seems to get worse and worse for Samsung.
Orca replied…

Posted 12 Aug 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

This is a rhetorical question IMHO.
william04 replied…

Posted 13 Aug 12

yes, Samsung is copied Apple :p
suprahumid78 replied…

Posted 15 Aug 12

Some seem to confuse invention with implementation.

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