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Have you updated to iOS 6?

Posted 02 Oct 12

We'd like to know how many of you have updated your devices to iOS 6.

If you have, did you do it straight away? If not, why?

Let us know your thoughts here.
Dragonfly replied…

Posted 03 Oct 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,
Just bought a second hand iPhone 4S (always 1 year behind :-)). And it has iOS6 on it.

Some features are quite good, Maps is quite quick and responsive to view and it's a lot better than I thought, but still prefer Google Maps and Street View.

It's nice that you can now easily add pictures to emails without leaving the app, I don't know what Apple were thinking for iOS 1 to 5. iOS 6 does feel more solid. However...

I can't really believe that Apple has done 1 years worth of work on Siri since iOS5. It feels like they've added Sports results and very little else.

Just as a test, I asked what the distance is between my home and work, it replies it can't find an address for my work, but if I ask 'what is my address for work', it shows it to me.

Having set the correct Mother Father settings in Siri... If I thought I'd ask where my mum lives, it shows me share values for Mustang Minerals Corp. 8-O, it also pronounces 'live' as. 'Liyve' instead of 'liv'.

If I ask for something and it replies do you want me to search the internet. If I say "No, that's ok", it returns the periodic element details for Nobelium :(

Remind me to do something when I arrive at XYZ.

It asks me "when do you want me to remind you ?" (even though an address for XYZ is in my contacts and I already said *when I arrive at XYZ*). Surely if a sentence includes the phrase "When I arrive at"... the next word would be a location.

I appreciate AI is very difficult, but for a company with a war chest of billions, I'd have expected more in 12 months. Siri is still a very 'beta like' function, basically Apple have no chance if they don't take cloud services more seriously than this. Google is running rings around them at the moment. 'Google Now' looks like its already better and Apple had a head start buying the makers of Siri.

Apple need to come up with some clever R&D and run with it, don't just spend millions making their products 2mm thinner, "Phone too chunky" isn't the main problem that needs solving !!!

Apple are doing well financially, but that won't continue unless they continue to innovate.
Dragonfly replied…

Posted 06 Nov 12


... and Ulaanbaatar is the Capital of Mongolia.
tomasD replied…

Posted 13 Dec 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,
the biggest update in ios 6 is maps. they still suck and to be honest apple needs to wow us with ios 7.
the update is really not worth it.

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