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Poll: How would you describe your television?

Posted 10 Dec 12

We want to find out a bit more about what sort of televisions our readers have.

Is yours a Smart TV?
How old is it?
Who makes it?

Would you know the answers to the above question without looking?

Let us know here.
zanc replied…

Posted 10 Dec 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,
I have a 3 year old 50" Panasonic plasma. Although a TV, I only use the monitor capability, using a Freesat PVR (with iPlayer and ITV player), BluRay player and Apple TV connected via an HDMI AV amp. The "smart" functions on the TV are a real pain to use (you tube, UPnP client, etc) and I would never use them out of choice. If I were to upgrade it would probably be to a FreeView YouView PVR, as this would I think be easiest to use for the family.
AlanAudio replied…

Posted 10 Dec 12

No TV at all here.

Occasionally watch something from iPlayer, but very rarely indeed ( last time was maybe two or three weeks ago ).
Xhris2210 replied…

Posted 11 Dec 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

I've got a four or five year old 40" LG LCD. It's certainly not smart and it's analogue but I have it attached to a Freeview HD box. I'm not there much and I don't watch much TV on my own.

My partner has a bijou unbranded 32" model, (she has a large room but still thinks that's a large screen!) that's attached to a Virgin TiVo box which is HD and has lots of bangs and whistles. We do use the catch up facility on that quite a lot and it will also get YouTube content.
Jeter replied…

Posted 12 Dec 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

A nine year old 32 inch Goodmans behemoth. Hernia inducing when bringing into the house from the car I dread it dying because God alone knows how I'm getting it out. replied…

Posted 12 Dec 12

One year old Samsung Smart 3D TV (first new TV in 20 years)
Picture is good – Smart TV features is a mixed bag most of the apps are pointless, but iPlayer etc. are great.

Had to get TVMobli software to integrate with the Mac, as Samsung's didn't work.
VeryJaded replied…

Posted 13 Dec 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

1 year old

We don't faff about with tiny 40" screens.

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