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Poll: What new Apple product will you buy when it launches?

Posted 18 May 12

We'd like to know what Apple products you're planning to buy when they launch.

Will you buy the next iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini?

If Apple launches its own television set, will you be buying that?

Or perhaps you're happy with what you've got and aren't planning on buying anything new.

Let us know here.
Jaded replied…

Posted 18 May 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

I'll definitely be getting the new iPhone, unless it looks horrible. I have been generation hopping, so my iPhone4 is coming up to 2 years old and has been promised retirement. Well, a sale on eBay or to someone I know!

Since we don't have a TV, or at least our TV is 110" ;) I don't think we'd get an iTV. We have an Apple TV and have been very impressed with it.
Mark Hattersley replied…

Posted 18 May 12


I'll probably get an iPhone 5 and the next iPad. I'm pretty good on Macs at the moment and really don't need another one (although the 11in Air is always tempting just as it's so small).

I really can't see myself spending on the television. It would have to be a really good TV. I just don't care enough about telly to drop 1-2k on one (which is probably what it'll be).
Xhris2210 replied…

Posted 18 May 12

Mark Hattersley,

We're probably about to stump for half a dozen iMacs at work if they do turn up with anti-reflective screens.

I'll probably get the iPhone 5 when it launches as like Jaded I'm on a 4 and hopeful that the next iteration will be a worthwhile upgrade.

If the new Macbooks turn out to be more [or as] powerful, in a lighter form factor with retina displays, the temptation will be quite overwhelming, but then it's finding funds...

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