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Should Apple sell a 7in iPad?

Posted 05 Jul 12

It's a hot topic right now, so we thought we'd get your opinion.

What do you think about the idea of a smaller, 7in iPad 'mini'? Would you buy one? Do you think Apple really will launch one?

Let us know here.
Iam8472 replied…

Posted 05 Jul 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,
yes and yes. Adults, kids, businesses could do with a smaller iPad. Homes could have smaller iPads, in fact anyone and any business that currently has an iPad. A cheaper model, the same apps, same games etc. For those who want a bigger iPad, then Apple have that 9.7" model. A product range, just like the iPods. Makes business sense to me, and customers. What has Apple to lose by making one? It will make life virtually impossible for competitors to compete. Come on Apple, bring out a baby brother iPad. Love to see the ads. Meet my baby brother. iPads available in little and large.
AlanAudio replied…

Posted 05 Jul 12

Ashleigh Allsopp,

I would suggest not calling it a smaller iPad, but a larger iPod touch. Make it WiFi only, have a minimum of 16g of storage and sell them in their millions at a very agressive price point. Offer a 3G/4G cellular version for a higher price.

One area where it would be ideal would be on car dashboards. Encourage car manufacturers to fit a Siri button on the car and give them support to create compelling apps for their cars.

One single device could offer sat nav, phone, reversing camera, entertainment, security, remote control, replace many other controls and stil be every bit as useful when you unclip it from the car and take it with you.
william04 replied…

Posted 19 Jul 12

A 7" iPad would also create an affordable device to support Apple's textbook initiative.
Xhris2210 replied…

Posted 20 Jul 12


Why does there need to be an iOS Touch device between the iPod and the iPad?

One you can fit in your pocket and take anywhere.

The other you can virtual touch-type on and see things in breathtaking detail.

7" is just a size that loses the advantages of either of the other form-factors.

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