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Tape output

Tympani asked…

Posted 12 Jul 06

I run a standard G5 with FCP 5. MOST of my material goes straight to disc after the edit with little use for a tape master. On the few jobs that I need a tape edit master I have a timecode problem.
I have a DSR 25 tape deck connected via the firewire. I can't ever seem to get the device to recognise the timecode from the timeline in FCP. I set the DSR 25 to accept external timecode (via the firewire) on the DSR internal menu system and then go to the usual print to tape in FCP and follow the prompts (the same thing happens on edit to tape too with a pre striped tape)

The timecode doesn't "slave" to the timeline from the main sequence on any setting in the DSR menu. This means my edit masters seldom start exactly at my preferred sequence start timecode of 10:00:00:00. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks

MattDavis replied…

Posted 16 Jul 06

Are you blacking the tape first?

There's a part of the "edit to tape" process whereby you black your tape and you choose the start point of your TC (e.g. 09:57:55:00). Then you can assemble edit onto that your bars, black, clock and sequence.

Note that this doesn't work with the DSR-11 and there's a separate workaround for that - I think it involved blacking the tape in a camera using its custom TC, then insert-editing on top of that, back on the deck.

In conclusion, the TC's from the tape, not from the timeline.
Tympani replied…

Posted 20 Jul 06


Hi Matt

Thanks for this. I have tried both print to video and edit to video. Neiter of which seem to do it for me. To be honest I only stripe a tape from 09:57:45:00 up to around 10:10:10:00 so maybe I should try striping a whole tape.

Most of our stuff goes out not on tape, but for the jobs that do it would be nice to fix the problem


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