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wheres the brightness control in QT7

glemon asked…

Posted 23 May 05

I cant find any controls for either brightness or contrast in th new QT7. You could always access it using command K. Now I only get audio and playback speed controls.

If we have lost brightness and contrast controls, this is a step backwards for QT 7

Arnoldrob replied…

Posted 30 May 05

The brightness control may only be available with the pro version with a few other filters. It is rather strangely in in the file / export menu, command e
Choose "Movie to QuickTime Movie" from the Export pop-up menu.
Click Options, click Filter, and select the filter and settings you want to use.
You will find Brightness and Contrast there. I am not sure if any of these are in the non pro version but you can probably do them in iMovie.
MattDavis replied…

Posted 02 Jun 05

Oh dear, sorry to hear you've been hit by this too.

The Brightness control is still there in QT7, still Cmd-K, but by upgrading QT6.x Pro to QT7, one loses the Pro features we got with FCP4.5. You have to buy the Pro upgrade AGAIN to get those features back.

Furthermore, it's $29 for US citizens, £19 for UK proles when my Dashboard widget tells me that $29 is £16 - so the £3 is for what?

The point being that FCP users who upgrade to 5 get QTPro free. Don't buy it twice!

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