Did you get a new Apple TV for Christmas? Here’s a complete guide to getting started with the newest device from Apple.

First things first, you’ll need to know How to set up the 2015 4th generation Apple TV.

You will also need to get to grips with using Siri to control the Apple TV, here is How to use Siri on the Apple TV Plus some Tips for using the new Apple TV Siri Remote

There’s an Apple TV App Store that you can browse to find the perfect apps for you to install. Read our Compete guide to the Apple TV App Store, plus how to find the best apps.

We also have a run down of what we think are the Best Apple TV apps and The best new Apple TV games.

Don’t forget, if you are playing games on the Apple TV, you might prefer to use a Games Controller, read our round up of The best Apple TV game controllers.

And because the Apple TV uses Bluetooth you can use Bluetooth speakers and headphones with it. Read our Best speakers for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and Best headphones for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to find one for you. And while you are at it, read: How to play music on the Apple TV.

It might not be the new Apple TV you are using, Apple still sells the old Apple TV. You can find out the difference here: New Apple TV vs old Apple TV.

If it’s the third generation Apple TV you own you might be interested in reading the following tutorials: How to surf the web on an Apple TV, Apple TV setup and navigation tips, Expert tips for the Apple TV, and Watch live and On Demand TV on Apple TV: hacks and tips.

Enjoy using your new Apple TV.