Autocorrect can be the bane of every iPhone and iPad user's existence. Here's how to rule it. 

When you begin to mistype a word autocorrect will step in and offer a helpful suggestion of the correct spelling. At least the theory is that its helpful; stepping in before you waste your time typing every letter of that misspelled word. Unfortunately sometimes (or most of the time) you were correctly spelling the unrecognised word and now your phone has gone and changed it to something else, often with hilarious results, and - equally as often - frustration as you delete the word and start again.

The problem is that the word was switched for what Apple thought you meant as soon as you tapped in a space, return, or a punctuation mark. To autocorrect that space you tap at the end of the word is you giving it the go ahead to fix your spelling. 

The problem is that you are usually happily typing and you don’t necessarily notice the word suggestion until you’ve pressed space and it’s accepted it. 

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Is there any way to undo an autocorrect? 

According to Apple’s instructions, the way to dismiss an autocorrect bubble is to tap the tiny X inside the bubble. Fortunately, you don't have to be that precise: Tap anywhere in the bubble to reject it. Another way to reject autocorrect is to delete the last letter you typed, retype the last letter and the autocorrect suggestion will disappear.

Can you teach autocorrect new words?

When you override autocorrect iOS will learn your preferred word. This is why so many of the Damn You Autocorrect examples are so hilarious. Those words aren’t really in Apple’s dictionary, they are in the Keyboard Dictionary unique to that phone. Once a word is in there, autocorrect will not attempt to correct it — and will even suggest it as a correction or completion. That sounds good, but it can be a problem. If you frequently type tge instead of the and you accidentally dismiss autocorrect that’s it, autocorrect will never fix that spelling again. 

How can you get autocorrect to fix words it’s stopped fixing? 

You can trick iOS into thinking that tge is just a shortcut for the. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard; scroll down if necessary, and tap Add New Shortcut. Type the in the Phrase field and tge in the Shortcut field, and tap Save. Henceforth, if you mistakenly type tge, iOS will correct the spelling to the.

There’s another, slightly more extreme, way to get autocorrect to forget your misspelling: erase all of the words your device has learned, en masse: Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Is there a way to add terms to autocorrect’s dictionary? 

One way to add a word to your Keyboard Dictionary by creating a shortcut. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. In the Phrase field, type the word that you want to add, but don’t type anything in the Shortcut field; then tap Save. From now on, autocorrect will not attempt to correct the spelling of that word when you type it.

Another way is to take advantage of the fact that autocorrect accepts Contacts name entries as genuine words and won’t suggest that you change them. Create a new contact, and type zzz as the initial letters in the Last field to keep it sorted at the bottom of the list, where it’s out of the way. Then type each of your special words (in lower case), separated by spaces, into the First, Last, or Company field of the zzz contact.

Can I turn off autocorrect? 

If you don’t want your iPhone to correct your spelling go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off the autocorrection feature