If you don't want to find yourself as angry as this woman next time you go to an Apple Store, you'll want to book an appointment with Apple in advance. Here, we show you how to book an Apple Store appointment with an Apple Genius.

If you need help with an Apple product, whether it's broken or you just can't figure out how to do something with it, you can speak to an Apple Genius at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store.

To do this you'll want to make a reservation before you head off to the store, to make sure you don't find yourself waiting for hours, or even going home without being able to speak with a Genius all day. There are a limited number of walk-in appointments available, but there's no guarantee you'll be lucky enough to get one.

Book an Apple Store appointment online

To make an appointment with a Genius at an Apple Store (they're free), go to Apple's Genius Bar page on its website.

From here, you can click "Make a Genius Bar reservation" to be taken to the Make a Reservation page (below).

Now, choose your nearest store, and make sure that the Genius Bar reservation type is selected and click next.

Apple will now ask you whether you really want to visit the Genius Bar or whether you can save yourself a trip by getting help on the phone or through online chat.

There are many, many things that Apple can help you with over the phone, provided you actually know what the problem is. It's worth checking that the issue you're experiencing isn't listed in the 'What can we help you with?' section by clicking on your product (below), the element your issue is related to (battery or iTunes, for example), and then the issue itself.

If you've done this and are still set on visiting the Genius Store to solve your issue, continue by clicking 'Make a Genius Bar reservation'. You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID so that Apple knows who you are and also so you can check back on your appointments if you've forgotten when they are.

Now you can choose which product you're hoping to speak to a Genius about.

Apple will now ask you to pick a time to come in. You'll be able to pick morning, afternoon or evening (below), and then a specific time. Once you've chosen the most convenient time, press next.

Your reservation will now be confirmed. You can add a comment to your reservation to give the Genius Bar a heads up as to why you're coming.

Make sure you back up your data before you go, and also bring Photo ID that matches your reservation name.

You'll receive an email confirmation, and then all you need to do is turn up at your appointment time and tell a Genius that you've arrived.

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Use the Apple Store app to book an Apple appointment

Alternatively, you can use the Apple Store app to book an appointment at an Apple Store.

To do this, download and launch the app and tap "Stores" in the navigation menu along the bottom of your device. (It's the icon shaped like a Genius T-Shirt).

Type in your town or city to find your nearest store. Tap your prefered Apple Store to be taken to that Store's page.

To book a Genius appointment, scroll down to 'Genius Bar'. Tap it, and you'll be taken to a menu in which you'll need to pick your affected product.

Scroll through to your preferred time and date until you're happy, and then tap 'Select Day & Time'. If there's no suitable time available, tap 'Check Nearby Stores' to see if they have a time more suited to you.

You'll now see a summary of your reservation, which you can alter if you notice you've made a mistake or if you want to change your mind. Tapping 'How can we help you' lets you add a comment to inform the Genius Bar what you'll be talking to them about.

When you're happy, tap 'Book Reservation'. You'll need to type in your Apple ID password to confirm it.

If you want to you can add the appointment to your iOS device's Calendar app (above).

You'll now find details of your appointment in the Apple Store app. Tap 'My Reservations' to change or cancel the appointment. When you get to the Apple Store at the time of your appointment, you can use the Apple Store app on your iPhone to check in and let the staff know you've arrived.

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