Apple's default water droplets wallpaper for your iPad is pretty cool, but you might get a bored of it after a while. Here, we show you how to change the wallpaper on your iPad, and round up the best wallpaper apps to help you choose a new one.

How to change the wallpaper on your iPad

Changing the wallpaper on your iPad is simple. All you need to do is go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper, and then tap wallpaper. From here, you can change the lock screen wallpaper and the wallpaper you'll see behind your app icons on your home screen.

You can choose from a selection of wallpapers provided by Apple, by tapping the 'Wallpaper' option and choosing from the images here. When you tap the image you'd like to use, you'll get a full screen preview of the wallpaper, and you can tap 'Set Lock Screen', 'Set Home Screen' or 'Set Both' from here.

If you would prefer to use your own image for the wallpaper, you can see your image folders here and choose from one of those.

What size is iPad wallpaper?

Ideally, you'll want your iPad wallpaper to be 2,048 by 2,048 pixels, so that it looks sharp on your Retina display, and also works in both landscape and portrait orientations. Don't forget that this means parts of your image might get cut off when you're using it as a wallpaper, depending on what the orientation of the image is.

Where can I get new wallpapers for my iPad?

Now that you know how to change the wallpaper, it's time to find an image to use. If you don't already have an image in mind, like a family photo or a picture of your favourite band, then you might be looking for a new wallpaper from elsewhere.

There are loads of free wallpaper apps on the iOS App Store, including the four we mention below.

Retina Wallpapers & HD Home Screen Backgrounds (above) has thousands of wallpapers to choose from, all of which you can save to your photo library with one tap and then use the method described above to set as your wallpaper. 

If you're hoping for something a bit more snazzy, you could check out Skindex, which has lots of wallpapers that will make your icons look they're sitting on shelves or positioned in bubbles, for example. What's cool about Skindex is that you can also customise your own wallpaper, by first choosing a background and then adding shelves and skins of your choice.

10,000+ Wallpapers HD is another free app that is very similar to Retina Wallpapers. It lets you choose from lots of different categories of wallpaper, which you can use to find an image to save to your photo library and use as your background. There are rather a lot of photos of teenage heartthrobs in this app, though.


We quite like Wallpapers HD too. It works in the same way as the previous apps, but has a rather nice user interface that's a bit simpler to use.

There are some websites that you can get nice iPad wallpapers from too. Googling iPad wallpaper in Google images will bring up some good results, and websites like My iPad Retina Wallpaper and ILikeWallpaper have large selections too.

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