It's the classic conundrum: Did she give me a fake number, is she ignoring my calls, or has she used iOS 7 to block me on her iPhone? If you're wondering how can you tell if someone blocks your number on an iOS 7 iPhone, read on to find out the giveaway clues. We can also help you get your own back by blocking people in return.

How to tell if someone blocks your number on iOS 7

One of the simplest but most convenient new features in iOS 7 - the latest version of Apple's operating system software for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - is the ability to easily block the phone numbers of nuisance callers. (We explain how this works in 'How to block a number on any iPhone, in iOS 7 and iOS 6')

This is great news for those who are plagued by calls from salesmen or drunken ex-boyfriends. But what if you're on the receiving end? How can you tell if someone has blocked you on iOS 7?

The simple - and sad - answer is that you can't easily find out for sure - but there are clues. We blocked one of our other phones to find out exactly what it's like to be blocked, to help us work out when we've been blocked in the future.

What happens when you ring someone who's blocked you?

We rang the iPhone that had blocked us. The phone rang exactly once, and we were told that the number was unavailable. Then we were invited to leave a message. (Note that the iPhone never received this message, nor any notification that one had been left.)

And what happens if you text someone who's blocked you?

Then we tried to send a text message. Everything proceeded as usual - the text sent, and we got no error message. But the 'receiver' didn't get any message, or any notification.

How to tell if someone has blocked your phone number on iOS 7

So. Other than the obvious clues - you never seem to be able to get through to someone, despite ringing at various times and checking that you've got the right number - the main giveaway is the way you get diverted to voicemail. If your call is manually declined, or if they're just not available, then you'd expect the phone to ring several times before you're diverted.

But just because you are allowed to leave a message - or because your text seemed to go through without any problems - that doesn't put you in the clear. The blocking process is quite sneaky about letting you (the caller) know what's happened.

As we said, though, there's no way to be sure this is what's happened, so be careful before you start throwing around accusations! And if any amateur sleuths out there work out a foolproof method of finding out if you've been blocked, let us know in the comments or via Twitter.

Get your own back: How to block a number using an iOS 7 iPhone

This is all very upsetting, of course, but call-blocking is actually a very useful feature of iOS 7. If you're getting calls from a persistent telesalesman or infatuated ex - or you want to take revenge on the person we've been talking about in this tutorial - then it's easy for you to make use of the feature yourself. And now you know what they'll be experiencing.

You can easily block a number from the Recent Calls menu. Check out the process in our tutorial 'How to block a number on any iPhone, in iOS 7 and iOS 6'.

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