The Apple Watch comes with the ability to remotely control your iPhone's music, so you can wave goodbye to the days of fumbling around for your mobile on your morning commute just to change the song. You can also add music directly to your Apple Watch so you won't need your iPhone connected to listen - and if you've got a cellular-capable Apple Watch Series 3, you can even stream your favourite songs directly from Apple Music.

In this article, we explain how to navigate the Music app as well as how to add your music directly to the Apple Watch.

How to use the Music app on Apple Watch

There are two ways to access the Music app on the Apple Watch. First, as with any other Apple Watch app, you can go to the home screen by pressing the Digital Crown, and then tapping the Music icon to open the app. Alternatively, if you're already listening to music then you can quickly access the music controls via Glances by swiping up on the watch face screen.

If you want to play a new track but don't want to search for it on the Music app, you can use Siri to find it and play it for you - simply activate Siri and ask to play the song of your choosing.

If you want to browse your music selection, simply tap the song duration in the top left hand corner of the Now Playing screen. This will take you to a menu where you can make a selection from either Artists, Albums, Songs or Playlists by using the Digital Crown and tapping on your choice.

You can then scroll through your music collection using the Digital Crown and select the song that you want to listen to.

You don't have to just listen to music from your iPhone, as your Apple Watch comes with on board storage ready for you to fill with music. In order to do this, you must first put your Apple Watch on charge and open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone.

Once you've opened the Apple Watch app, tap 'Music' and then tap 'Synced Playlist' to select the playlist that you'd like to store on your Apple Watch.

Once you've done that, you can choose to listen to either music from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

To do this, you have to force touch (press firmly) on the display of the Apple Watch when the Music app is open and tap 'Source'. Then all you need to do is select 'Apple Watch', then connect your Bluetooth headset by tapping Settings (you'll be prompted to go to Settings once you select Apple Watch as your source) and selecting your headset from the list. It's that simple!

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3, which becomes available to pre-order on 22 Sept 2017, adds cellular capabilities to the mix. This has a number of applications, but the one that was highlighted most in the announcement was Apple Music, which can now be streamed via an Apple Watch even if it's not in range of its companion iPhone.

The Apple Music app has also been updated for watchOS 4, with a redesigned interface. We'll update this article once we've spent some time with the new app.

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