Siri was released in 2011 and works on a wide majority of iOS devices, from the iPhone 4S, third-generation iPads and fifth-generation iPod Touch onwards all iOS devices support it.

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The personal assistant used by many to find quick facts and figures is widely used by us, however at times you just want some peace and quiet - here's a guide on how to disable Siri. Read next: How to use Siri on Mac

How to disable Siri: Turn off Siri

If you're looking to completely disable Siri, navigate to Settings > General >Siri. Simply tap the toggle and you'll be prompted to Turn Off Siri.

It’s that simple - a few simple clicks and you've disabled Siri.

How to disable Siri - Settings

How to disable Siri: Disable Hey Siri

If you want to disable Hey Siri, you can do so from the same menu; just tap the Hey Siri toggle to disable it.

We also thought to let you know that with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and iPad Pro (9.7-inch) you’ll be able to speak directly to your iOS device by saying ‘Hey Siri’ without having to plug it into a power source. Other iOS devices will need to have the device plugged in for the functionality to work.

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Stop Siri being used in the lockscreen

If you’re only looking to disable Siri within the lockscreen, you can do so by keeping Siri activated for your device.

Before proceeding you’ll need to have Siri enabled, go into Settings > General >Siri and ensure it’s got a green toggle activated.

Navigate to Settings > TouchID & Passcode (if you’ve got an older device, you might not see ‘TouchID’).

You will be prompted to input your passcode each time you access this section of your iOS device.

How to disable Siri - Lockscreen

Once you’ve cleared security (and head to Terminal 5), scroll down and you’ll see the option to toggle Siri, simply tap on the option and it will be disabled. As a note, when you disable Siri from the lockscreen, you’ll also be automatically disabling Voice Dial.

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