Missing calls on your iPhone? Do your iPhone calls go directly to voicemail?

You are not alone. For some unknown reason some iPhones have incoming calls directly transferred to voicemail. This was an apparent problem for people who updated to iOS 7, but the option has since been disabled by default.

If the problem still persists, there’s an easy fix.

iPhone status bar moon icon

First check whether you have Do Not Disturb set on your iPhone. You can tell quite easily because there’ll be a crescent moon icon in the top right of the iPhone’s status bar, next to Bluetooth and the battery indicator.

That’s the reason your calls are being diverted before you have a chance to answer them!

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, calls and alerts that arrive will be silenced, and a moon icon will appear in the status bar.

So here’s how to stop this voicemail diversion.

Updated 21 November with iOS updates.

How to stop iPhone calls going directly to voicemail

Go to Settings via the cogs icon on your iPhone home screen.

iPhone calls to voicemail fix settings 1

In the second batch of options underneath Notification and Control Centres there’s a purple icon with that crescent moon and the words Do Not Disturb.

Click on that.

iPhone calls to voicemail fix settings 2

Move the slider on Manual so that it is off – so there's no green on that Manual slider.

iPhone calls to voicemail fix settings 3

Bingo! The moon should disappear from your iPhone status bar and you should start receiving your calls as they ring and not suddenly discover a bunch sitting unanswered in voicemail.  

I don't remember setting my iPhone to Do Not Disturb, and it appears nor do most people affected by this silly Apple annoyance.