Live Photos provide your captured images with more life and realism, where the feature stitches a sequence of photos together to create an animated sequence of images.

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However, Live Photos have a slightly shaky output and are slightly hard to share on social media or with friends who don't have an iPhone that has Live Photos support.

Thankfully there's a free iOS app from Google that allows you to convert Live Photos into a GIF, allowing you to share it with anyone on any operating system or platform.

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How to turn Live Photos into a GIF: Capture Live Photos and download Motion Stills 

To capture Live Photos, you must have the 'Live' toggle enabled, which is found at the top of the camera app. Once enabled you'll see the Live Photos icon glow in yellow and be notified that Live Photos are on. As a reminder, you'll need an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE to capture Live Photos.

How to turn Live Photos into a GIF

After you capture your photos, you will need to download Motion Stills from the App Store - the app is free to download and is small in size ~25Mb. You're now set to convert your JPG-and-MOV Live Photos into sharable GIFs.

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How to turn Live Photos into a GIF: Capture Live Photos and download Motion Stills

Open Google's Motion Stills and select the Live Photos you want to include. Motion Still will now stabilise the short clip and then provide you with the options to share it, where you can save or send it to a contact.

Original Live Photos GIF

Google's app uses video stabilisation algorithms to freeze the background of your short clip and allows the foreground to continue moving. This creates a cinematic effect not only converting it into a stable video, but once that looks professionally edited.

When the file is exported, it saves it as a GIF file, making it easy to share with your friends and family especially if you want to publish it through social media platforms. 

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Motions Stills edited GIF

As an added bonus, Motion Stills also selects the optimal start point, preventing the video from looking like you took it from your pocket.

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