How do I flip my iPhone selfies?

You’ve just taken a great selfie, one worthy of reaching millions of likes on Instagram but there’s one problem: Your iPhone has automatically mirrored the image.

It’s a feature that’s lacking on iOS devices. Unlike Android, which has the mirror functionality built into the Gallery app, the iPhone’s Photos app doesn’t have the feature.

Fortunately there’s a way to fix this problem and we’re here to guide you through the process. 

How to flip iPhone images: Apple Camera

For those that are unaware, the front-facing camera, also known as the selfie camera on an iPhone will show you a live un-mirrored image. When you take a selfie, the image will then automatically be flipped to an un-mirrored image, which is great if you’re trying to show text on a selfie shot, but frustrating when you would like to take a normal photo of yourself either via the app or through a selfie stick. Read next: Best selfie sticks for iPhone.

There’s two ways around this, either taking a photo with the included Camera app, then editing the photo after, or directly taking a mirrored selfie; we’ll go through our recommendations for both options. 

How to flip iPhone images: Taking mirrored selfies

Straight from the get-go, you might be looking for an alternative to the default camera app which is dedicated to taking un-mirrored selfies and naturally there’s an app for that. The app ‘Mirror’ as the name suggests provides you with a mirrored image of yourself.

The app is extremely easy to use, where you simply tap the screen when you want to freeze the photo. After having frozen the photo you’ll be able to save or share it directly with friends and family. The app does have adverts which at times can be distracting, but if you use the app quite a lot and would like to get rid of those pesky ads, you can do so for £0.99 through the app itself.

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How to flip iPhone images: Flipping un-mirrored photos

If you’ve already taken a photo and don’t wish to take another, you might be wondering if there’s a way to edit your current photo; as you might have guessed, there’s an app for that too! We found that Adobe Photoshop Express was able to provide us with the basic ability to mirror our selfies by the touch of a button. Other apps do exist out there, but have a lot of annoying adverts that hinder the overall user experience.

Through Photoshop Express you’ll also be able to take photos directly through the app, and then edit it whilst still staying within the app. Of course, if you would like additional features and filters which you find through the default Camera app, then you’ll need to take a photo then edit it within Photoshop Express. Using Photoshop Express is also useful if you wish to adjust other properties of your photo, which is something you can do via the default Photos app, but not to the extent provided by Adobe.