Why do I have to press the Home button to unlock my iPhone in iOS 10? I used to just touch my finger and Touch ID would handle the rest. Can I change the settings so I don't need to press the Home button any more? Also, what happened to 'Swipe to unlock'?

How to unlock iPhone or iPad in iOS 10: Summary

To activate Rest Finger to Open, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, then tap Rest Finger to Open so it turns green.

Read on for more detail.

How to unlock iPhone or iPad in iOS 10: Turn on Rest Finger to Open

One of iOS 10's most iconic changes is the removal of Swipe To Unlock, the way we've been getting into our phones since 2007. As of iOS 10, you instead press the Home button to achieve the same thing, and lots of people are irritated and/or confused by the change.

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How to unlock iPhone or iPad in iOS 10: iOS 9 and iOS 10

In iOS 9 (left), you were instructed to 'slide to unlock'. In iOS 10 (right), the instruction is 'Press Home to unlock' (or, occasionally, 'Press Home to open')

You'll probably get used to it before long, and generally speaking this is a change that makes good sense: most people these days, and certainly the majority of people able to update their devices to iSO 10, have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and it's an altogether more efficient method to press the Home button while simultaneously having your fingerprint scanned.

But one aspect of the new system is different without adding any efficiency, and that's the fact that you have to actually press the Home button - you used to be able to get away with just lightly resting your fingertip on the scanner and letting Touch ID go to work. For sure, pressing a button isn't the most onerous of tasks, but when you've grown used to one particular method of unlocking a phone, even small changes can be annoying.

The good news is that you can turn off the requirement to press the Home button unlock your iPhone or iPad, and it's really easy if you know where to look for the setting.

Open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility, then scroll down to the fourth group and tap Home Button. Toggle the bottom setting, Rest Finger to Open, so that it's enabled (green).

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How to unlock iPhone or iPad in iOS 10: How to turn on Rest Finger to Open

From now on you will be able to, in Apple's words, "Open iPhone with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button."

How to unlock iPhone or iPad in iOS 10: Can I bring back Swipe to Unlock in iOS 10?

Now for the bad news. You can't bring back Swipe To Unlock, and we assume you won't even be able to. (Unless the backlash is huge. Or possibly someone comes up with a method via jailbreaking.)

If Swipe to Unlock is a deal breaker for you, see if you can downgrade to iOS 9. At time of writing Apple is still signing iOS 9.3.5, but they won't be for much longer, so hurry.