• Unlock all iPhones including the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
  • How to get a free unlock code from your mobile phone company
  • Get an old iPhone 4S unlock code to make old iPhones work on new networks
  • Unlock an iPhone without a jailbreak. Get a free and legal unlock code from your network

What is iPhone unlocking and how do I unlock my iPhone are two common questions. New iPhones are often SIM-locked to a particular carrier. This means that the iPhone only works with a SIM card provided by the same carrier. iPhone SIM unlocking gets around this problem, enabling you to use any SIM card in your iPhone

How to get a free unlock code for the iPhone is a genius trick to know. Many people think iPhone unlocking is difficult, or a suspect practice, but you can get free iPhone unlock codes from your mobile phone operator.

How to unlock your iPhone


iPhone unlocking can transform an old iPhone. Knowing how to unlock an iPhone 3GS, for example, can get you a great older iPhone at a bargain price. This tutorial will show you how to unlock an iPhone 4S or how to unlock a new iPhone 5 or 5S. With your unlocked iPhone 4S or later you can use a SIM card from any network in your iPhone.

Can I unlock my iPhone?

The good news is that it’s usually possible to unlock the iPhone. The bad news is that sometimes it’s easier than others. It depends on the phone’s circumstances and your mobile phone provider. Sometimes they unlock the phone for free, especially if the phone is no longer in its initial contract period. However if you haven’t finished paying for the phone on your initial contract then the provider may not give you an unlock code. In which case you can attempt to unlock the phone yourself, but this may not be as cheap or easy as you’d like.

Is it legal to unlock an iPhone?

Yes. In most instances, it is perfectly legal to unlock an iPhone in the UK. Especially if you own the phone outright and have fully paid any outstanding contract. The gray area arises when you own a phone on a contract you are still paying the contract. If you have bought an iPhone 5S on a 24 month contract, then the monthly fee is paying for both the handset and the call allowance. This is the reason why the lock exists in the first place if you wish to unlock an iPhone you should check with the carrier first. Some carriers will still unlock your iPhone even if you are under contract, although they may charge a small amount first.

Do all iPhones need unlocking?

No. Apple sells many iPhones in the UK unlocked, and they can use on all networks. Typically an iPhone that you have picked up from the Apple Store will be unlocked, and you can use it on any network. An iPhone that you have purchased from a carrier, such as O2, Three or Vodafone will often be locked to that network.


How do I know if my iPhone is locked?

The easiest way to find out if the iPhone is locked to a network is to insert a SIM card from another network into the iPhone and see if it can make a call. Ask a friend with an iPhone if you can borrow their SIM card. If it can use a different SIM card then the iPhone is unlocked, and you’re good to go. Remember that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S use a Micro SIM and the iPhone 5 and 5S use a newer Nano SIM, so it’s best to find a friend with the same phone. You can remove the SIM card using a SIM ejector tool (or straightened paperclip).

How to Unlock an iPhone: contact your carrier

O2: Fill out this unlocking form

Three Mobile: Call 333 from the iPhone or 0843 3733 333 from a landline.

Virgin Mobile: Call 789 from the iPhone or 0845 6000 789 from a landline.

Tesco: Phone Tesco on 0845 300 6600

If you are a PAYG (Pay As You Go) customer you must have had the phone activated for more than 12 months. It is free to unlock. Pay monthly customers are charged £20 if they are still under contract, and it’s free after the contract has ended.

Orange: Call 450 (PAYG customers) or 150 (Pay Monthly)
With Orange, you are able to unlock your iPhone after 6 months, provided you are a current Orange or EE customer and have owned the iPhone for six months or longer. Your account must be in good standing. Orange charges £19.57 for unlocking.

T-mobile: Call 0845 412 5000 and request a Network Subsidy Code.

Vodafone: Call 08700 77 66 55 or 191 from your iPhone

How to unlock your iPhone

Get your new carrier to unlock your old phone

Sometimes your new carrier will unlock the phone for you. EE, for example, will unlock your phone for an admin fee of £20.42. You must be an EE customer for at least six months, however. and they insist on the following criteria

  1. You must be a current customer who’s had the account for at least six months
  2. The IMEI must not be blacklisted (we’ll check this for you)
  3. Pay monthly customers must have an account balance of zero - everything needs to be paid up to date

The first and best way to unlock the iPhone is to contact your carrier. If you request the iPhone unlocking then they will be able to do it at their end. You will have to wait around seven days for the unlock to work, but this is the easiest method.

This method works best when you have the SIM card for the original phone. Use it while performing the unlock process.

How to update your iPhone once it has been unlocked

Once your phone has been unlocked you will receive a confirmation on the phone unlocking from the carrier. Now follow these step:

  1. Power down the phone. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and move your finger across
  2. Use the SIM card tool (or a straightened paper clip) to eject the SIM card holder from the side of the phone.
  3. Remove the old SIM card from the SIM card holder. Place your new SIM card into the SIM card holder.
  4. Reinsert the SIM card holder into the Phone

The SIM ejector tool

How do I update an unlocked phone without the SIM card?

If you have requested an unlock from your carrier, but have not got the original SIM card. Then you will need to reset the phone before it will be unlocked. First ensure that you have requested an unlock from the carrier. Now follow these steps

  1. Back up your iPhone. Either using Backup (Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Back Up Now) or by connecting the iPhone to a computer and Using iTunes to perform a backup.
  2. Erase your iPhone. Click on Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Complete the setup assistant and restore from your backup.

The iPhone should now be unlocked.

See: Apple Support: iPhone: About unlocking

If you have a SIM card from a carrier that is different from your current carrier, and you've received confirmation from your current carrier that your iPhone is unlocked, follow these steps:

  1. Eject your SIM card and insert a new SIM card.
  2. Complete the setup process.
  3. If you do not currently have another SIM card you can use, follow these steps to complete the process:
  4. Back up your iPhone.
  5. Erase your iPhone.
  6. Complete the setup assistant and restore your backup.

Using an unlocking service

An alternative to contacting your carrier and asking them to unlock the iPhone is to use a mobile phone unlocking service. There are many retailers in most areas who will arrange an unlock code for a small fee (usually around £25). Although they aren’t always reputable, you can also find online services that will unlock your iPhone. MobileUnlocked.com is a leading unlock retailers in the UK and generally has a good reputation

Use an online unlocking service
An alternative to using a network unlocking service is to visit a reputable online phone unlocking retailer, this works by issuing a code to unlock your mobile phone, usually for a small fee.
Here are three sites worth investigating.
Official iPhone Unlock.co.uk

How much should I pay to unlock my iPhone?

Ideally you shouldn’t pay anything to unlock your iPhone, because your carrier should unlock it for you for free. But some carriers are making admin charges of around £20. Third-party companies seem to charge between £10 and £25 to unlock an iPhone, and we wouldn’t pay over £25 to unlock an iPhone. Shop around if anybody quotes you a higher price than that.

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