Why do I have to restart my router to get AirPlay to appear is a common cry we hear from readers. And what is this “The AirPlay Device Speaker” error with “Use This Computer Instead” all about? These are both questions that this guide to fixing AirPlay connections will help with.

This guide to troubleshooting AirPlay for AirPlay Speakers and Apple TV can help you quickly fix common AirPlay problems. With this how-to guide to fixing AirPlay connection problems you’ll be able to quickly identify the AirPlay problem in Mac OS X and iOS.

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AirPlay device is missing

Follow these steps to fix your AirPlay connection:

  1. First verify that your iOS device's software is up to date. Click on Settings > General > Software Update. Click Download and Install if you are not running the latest version.
  2. Verify your Apple TV's software is up to date. Click on Settings > General > Update Software.
  3. Ensure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV. Choose Settings > AirPlay
  4. Make sure that your iOS device has Wi-Fi turned on. Enable Wi-Fi on your iOS device by going to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  5. Make sure that all AirPlay devices are connected to the same network. Click Settings > Wi-Fi on your iOS Device and look a the network with a tick next to it to identify the current network.
  6. Checking AirPlay speakers requires you to connect to the speaker. Usually this is done through Safari by entering the IP address into Safari (usually something like If you do not know the IP address you can often find connected devices using Bonjour. Open Safari and click Bookmarks > Bonjour > Web Pages and choose the device. (If you can not locate the Bonjour speaker you should check Safari Preferences > Advanced to see if the  Include Bonjour option is ticked On).
  7. If you do not locate your AirPlay speaker in Safari, you may need to reset the Speaker and reconnect it to the network. Check with the manual how to reset the speaker and go through the installation process.
  8. Check that your Internet is working. Some devices require internet connectivity.
  9. Try moving the AirPlay speaker closer to your router.

Hopefully, these should enable you to getting a better connection between your AirPlay device and your Mac or iOS device.

AirPlay back again

How to solve The AirPlay Device Is Not Available and Use This Computer for Now errors

The AirPlay Device is not available

Sometimes when using direct Mac OS X AirPlay and an AirPlay device in iTunes we get an error message that says The AirPlay device “speaker” is not available. Please verify your network settings and AirPlay configuration, or select another device from the AirPlay menu. Beneath it is a button with Use This Computer for Now or OK.

We get this message when we have connected both Mac OS X to the AirPlay speaker (via the Volume option) and directly from iTunes.

(You can connect Mac OS X directly to AirPlay by holding Option and clicking the Volume icon in Menu bar, and then choosing the AirPlay speaker. The Mac OS X AirPlay connection enables you to play audio directly from some Apps, like Spotify, or websites directly to an AirPlay speaker system.)

Sometimes if you use both Mac OS X and iTunes to connect to AirPlay we find connectivity problems. To solve this we do the following:

  1. Click Use This Computer for Now.
  2. Click on AirPlay in iTunes, and choose Computer.
  3. Hold down Option and click Volume in Mac OS X and choose Line Out (our default output).
  4. Now return to iTunes and click AirPlay and choose the AirPlay device (in our case the Pioneer A3 speaker).

This technique enables us to use our AirPlay speaker again.