Maps is one of two iOS apps that made their first appearance on the Mac with the launch of Mavericks in 2013 (the other being iBooks). Maps features a similar look to its iOS 7 counterpart, and includes support for many of its features – you can look for locations, see maps in 2D or 3D, get directions and see traffic information. As on the iOS app, there is no mention of transit.

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22 tips to help you get to know Maps in Mavericks

Q: How do I look up addresses in Maps on the Mac?

1. View your bookmarks, recently visited locations and the location of your contacts by clicking on the symbol that looks like an open book.

2. Type the location you are searching for into the search box, top right, it will suggest various locations that should fulfil your query. You will get more accurate results if you have Wi-Fi on.

Q: How do I find my location in Maps on the Mac?

3. To find your current location click on the Current Position icon, upper left. The Map should scroll over to your current location (although in our experiences sometimes a few clicks of the mouse were required for it to register). 

Q: Maps in OS X isn't finding my location, what can I do?

4. Maps will only find your location if you are using Wi-Fi on your Mac, so don’t expect it to locate you if you are plugged into the work Ethernet network. Location services need you to enable Wi-Fi to operate.

5. If Maps still isn't finding your current location, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. If Location Services isn't enabled, select Enable Location Services > Maps.

Q: How do I add locations to my Bookmarks?

6. To add a landmark, restaurant, shop or other business to your Bookmarks, click on the icon indicating the location of the landmark, select the 'i' and choose Add to Bookmarks. Now when you click on the Bookmarks icon you will see the landmark listed.


Q: How do I add an address to my contacts?

7. It's also easy to find an address and add it to your Contacts. Search for the address or postcode, click on the 'i', then Add to Contacts. Unfortunately you can't add the address to an existing contact this way so you will end up with multiple entries. Still, it's a handy way to add new addresses to your Contacts.

Q: How do I get directions in Maps on the Mac?

8. You an also get directions by selecting the 'i' then Get Directions. It will start from your Current Location as long as you have Wi-Fi on. To change the start location replace it in the Start box. You can also switch the Start and End order by tapping the wiggly arrow. You will get written turn-by-turn directions.

9. If you select Print (cmd-P) you can print out the directions. The first page will show the complete map of your journey and a detailed map of the start of your journey (which seems a bit redundant). The printed route includes all the turn-by-turn directions.

Q: How do I send directions to an iPhone from a Mac?

10. You can also send the directions to your iPhone. Select the Share icon (the arrow coming out of a box) and choose to send to your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately it's not possible to send to someone else's iPhone this way, but you could use Mail to email the instructions or Messages to send them to your friend's iPhone.

Read more about sending directions from Maps on a Mac to an iPhone or iPad here.

11. To send instructions as an iMessage select the Share icon, then Messages, and enter the contact details. Your friend will receive a text that includes a link and an image of the map. If they tap the link they will see the route on their iPhone, Tap Start to get turn-by-turn directions. Unfortunately these aren't spoken directions – despite the fact that you would get spoken directions if you performed the initial location search on an iPhone.

Q: How do I view traffic information in Maps on the Mac

12. To see traffic information select the car icon, top left, click on any icon to get information about road works, accidents, and hazards that might affect your journey.


Q: Can I open more than one Map?

13. You can open more than one map. Just select File > New Window, or cmd-N.

Q: Can I open Maps from other apps

14. You can open a map from Mail, Contacts and TextEdit. In TextEdit select the address, right click, and choose Show Address, then Open in Maps. In Contacts hover over on the address and then select Show Map. In Mail hover over the address and click the arrow that appears.

Q: How do I scroll around a map?

15. To move around the map with a mouse click and hold and then move your mouse around to reposition the map.  Scrolling up or down on your scroll wheel will zoom in and out of the map. To move around the map using a track pad, scroll with two fingers.

16. You can also rotate the map by selecting the pointer on the compass icon (bottom right) while dragging left of right with your mouse, or rotate using your fingers on the track pad. To return to the North-facing orientation, click on the compass or press cmd-[up arrow].

Q: How do I know which Contacts have address info?

17. If you select the Bookmarks icon and All Contacts the contacts for whom you have address information will appear in bold.

Q: How do I get 3D view in Maps?

18. You can switch between standard, hybrid, satellite and 3D views. Select Standard, Satellite or Hybrid from the menu at the top of the window. When in Satellite and Hybrid view you an also select 3D to get flyover view of various cities, select the skyscraper icon and the map will rotate into a 3D view. Zoom in closer to get more detail. Adjust the camera angle by clicking on the pointer of the compass while you drag around the screen.

19. You can adjust the labels (e.g. road names) in any view by selecting View > Labels > Use Large Labels.

Q: How do I add a pin to a Map?

20. To add a pin to a map, either right click or select View > Drop Pin and select the pin and lift it into the location you wish to pinpoint. Right click to pick it up and move it to a different location.

21. Click on the 'i' beside your Dropped Pin and you can choose Add Bookmark, Get Directions, Remove Pin or Report a Problem. Unfortunately you can't add to your Contacts. If you choose to Add to Bookmarks you will find it listed as 'Dropped Pin'. However you can change the name of your bookmarks by selecting the Bookmarks icon then Edit.

22. Click on a pin or a icon and then click on the 'i' to see more info. Choose Get Directions. Now select the Car for driving directions or the person for walking directions. If multiple routes appear on the map, click the one you want to take. You can't get transit details, unfortunately.