Help! My Mac OS X keyboard has stopped working. How do I fix an Apple Mac keyboard and get it working again?

First of all don't worry, keyboards (especially Apple keyboards) are pretty sturdy creatures and it's far more likely that something has gone wrong with the OS X settings than the keyboard itself is broken.

In this feature we're going to look at a few things to check if your Apple Mac keyboard suddenly stops working. We're going to assume that you can still use the mouse - if not, then take a look at this article as well: How to fix an Apple Mac mouse.

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How to fix a Mac keyboard: Check the power

If some or all of the keys on your Apple keyboard don't work, then follow these steps to fix the Mac keyboard problem:

  • Check that the Apple keyboard is switched on. On the right-hand side of the Apple Mac keyboard is a Power button. Press it to turn on the Keyboard. A green light should appear.
  • Replace the batteries. On the left-hand side of the Apple keyboard is a circular coin-slot. Use a coin to rotate the slot and remove the batteries. Insert two fresh AA batteries and press the Power button.

How to fix a Mac keyboard: Check the connection

If you've replaced the batteries and checked the power, and the keys still don't work, then you should disconnect and reconnect your keyboard to the Mac.

Remove and insert the USB connection. If you have a keyboard that connects via a USB cable, unplug the keyboard from the Mac and re-insert it.

  • Remove the USB keyboard and plug it into a different port.
  • Log out (Apple > Log Out) and log into a different account. If this fixes the problem then log back into your account and open System Preferences > Bluetooth. If the keyboard is listed in Devices, Control-Click it and choose Remove. Now choose System Preferences > Keyboard > Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard.

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How to fix a Mac keyboard: What to do if the number keys aren't working in Mac OS X

Mac Number keys do not work

If you're having problem with just the number keys on your keyboard, you've probably turned on Mouse Keys by mistake. Mouse Keys is an accessibility feature that enables people to use the numerical keys to control the cursor. You need to check that you haven't accidentally turned on Mouse Keys, and if you have, turn it off.

Here's how to turn off Mouse Keys:

  1. First try to press the Option key five times. This is a common shortcut for turning mouse keys On and Off.
  2. Open System Preferences > Accessibility.
  3. Choose Mouse & TrackPad.
  4. Deselect Enable Mouse Keys.
  5. Click Options.
  6. Deselect Press The Option Key Five Times to Toggle Mouse Keys. Click OK.

Close System Preferences and check that the mouse works.

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