• How much is my used Mac worth?
  • What is the best place to sell a second-hand Mac
  • How to get more money when selling a Mac

What is the best way to sell a Mac is a question many of our readers ask. Discover how to get the most cash when selling a MacBook or iMac with our guide to selling your Mac second-hand.

With an attractive range of new Macs on the way in 2014, and old Macs holding their prices it is always worth considering selling an old Apple Mac  to invest in a sparkling new one. Especially if you’re thinking of upgrading to the new world-renowned Mac Pro, every bit of extra cash will help.

If you’re thinking of selling your Mac: this guide will help you get the most money for a used Apple Mac.

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How to sell your Mac

When should I sell my Mac?

When you should sell a Mac is a good question. Typically it makes sense to sell on an old model before Apple announces a new one (rather than after the announcement). Obviously when a new model has been announced the older ones suddenly lose a small amount of value. So keep an eye on upcoming Apple events and rumours and try to preempt them if possible. Obviously this is easier if you have more than one Mac to work on. As a general rule: the sooner you sell on a second Mac (or any computer) the better.

We expect Apple to refresh most of its MacBook range in the middle of 2014, but it could introduce a new Mac mini edition earlier in the year. So if you’re looking to sell on a Mac mini now is the time. The Mac Pro has only just gone on sale so we doubt if you’re looking to sell one of those on right away, and the new Mac Pro is so radically different to the old model that is already impacted the price of the old model.

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How much is my Mac worth?

Apple Mac products tend to hold their value a lot more than other products but they still depreciate. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll probably get around half the price you paid for it after two years.

But a lot depends on the model, year and configuration. With upgrades no longer a possibility across many Mac products we think higher spec old models *(which will have RAM and storage configurations closer to current models) will command a premium.

Website Mac2Sell offers valuations of Mac products. Here are some examples

Head to the Mac2Sell website and enter your specs to get a valuation for your second-hand Mac.

Another way to see how much a Mac is worth is to check the sales taking place on eBay. Because Apple only sells a few different configurations it’s usually possible to find the same configuration as your current model on sale. Use eBay’s Watch This Item on these models to see what the market rate is.

How can I get more for my Mac?

How much you get for a second-hand Mac depends on the model that you’ve got, and where you sell it. Typically you’ll get more cash from a private sale than from a shop or services (as they need to include a markup when they sell it on). But it’s less hassle to take it to somewhere like Computer Exchange or Cash Generators.


Will Apple buy my old Mac?

Apple has a Reuse and Recycling program that will buy your Mac from you. This enables you to sell your old Mac computer to Apple along buying a new one.

Click here to access Apple’s Reuse and Recycle program

Be warned that Apple doesn’t pay the highest rates for Mac computers. You will typically get a better deal by selling your Mac to a dedicated second-hand dealer like Computer Exchange or by selling it in a private sale.

Get the best price for your Mac

Where should I sell my iPhone?

You’ll get more selling it on eBay, Amazon or Gumtree: all of which offer a lively environment for  second-hand iPhones. If you sell it via eBay and Amazon you’ll also have to pay a service charge, so Gumtree is the way to go for a complete private. sale. Here are some sites to check-out before you start.

Should I trade my old Mac in before buying a new one?

It’s really up to you but the wave of Macs and iPhones being traded in just before a new model launches suggests that many other people do the same. You will lose a substantial amount of cash, getting both less for your Mac than it was worth at launch and having to buy a new model. It’s worth remembering that while new Apple products are highly desirable, you don’t need a new Mac every single year. But if you only need the one laptop and want to upgrade to the latest model, selling your old one on second hand is the way to do it.

What to do before selling a Mac

Before you sell your Mac on second hand you should clean it (both inside and out). Here are the things you should do before selling a Mac.

  • Authorize the Mac from iTunes
  • Back up your data
  • Turn off Find My Mac
  • Sign out of iCloud.
  • Format the hard drive and reinstall OS X.

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You should also take time to clean the computer, and check to see if you have any original box or packaging. The more presentable the Mac looks in its photographs, and the more original packaging you have, the more it will fetch on the second hand market.

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