As well as reductions on the Apple UK online store, the Black Friday sales (the day after Thanksgiving), have hit the App Store in the UK with hundreds of apps having their prices slashed for the next 24 hours.

Pangea Software, makers of some of the most popular iPhone games has cut the price of all games to 59p. These include new games such as Bugdom 2, Nanosaur 2, and Billy Frontier, plus classics such as Enigmo and Cro Mag Rally.

There are also huge cuts on business software, with apps such as stock tracker Forex On The Go Premium slashed £2.99; iSpend cut to £2.99 and shared expenses to just 59p.

Other applications that caught our eye were Cast Catcher Radio and English Premiere League Live Score, both of which can be picked up for the bargain price of 59p.

We also notice a lot of applications, such as Pathways (normally £2.99), Mobile Translator and Scribble Share have had their price removed completely, and being given away free for the next 24 hours.

Sadly there seems to be no central area for finding these deals on the iTunes App store, so but there are so many deals today that it's worth just looking for the app you've been after.

Readers may also want to check out US-based site AppShopper, this Web site has a list of recent price changes on the iTunes Store. Although it lists US prices, many of the items slashed in the US are also cut in the UK.

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