Our sister Title, PC World, has had the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with the long-awaited Apple iPad tablet after the much-hyped press event.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, its comments are less flattering than those appearing on other Mac-focussed sites. But in the midst of iPad-mania it does us good to see what a non-Apple site makes of Apple's latest creation.

Here is PC World's take on the iPad:

We were underwhelmed: we can see a lot of really useful applications for the Apple iPad, but the reality is that it looks and behaves like an Apple iPhone 3GS (or iPod touch) on steroids. And that's not exactly a good thing.

Apple iPad Hardware: Awkward to handle

While the Apple iPad is super slim at only a half-inch (13mm) thick, we had some difficulty handling it. At around 680g, it is too heavy to hold in one hand, which is troublesome if you plan on using it as an e-book reader.

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Other e-readers, such as the Amazon Kindle 2 or the COOL-ER e-reader, are much lighter in hand than the Apple iPad, and therefore make for a much more comfortable user experience. Using two hands is much more comfortable, but if you're reading a long novel, that could get quite tiresome.

Compared side-by-side, the Apple iPad's 9.7-inch 1024-by-768-pixel LED-backlit display appeared dimmer than our iPhone 3G's (auto-brightness disabled, brightness set to maximum). Whites, in particular, looked much brighter on my iPhone. Apple had no comment, however, when we inquired about the difference. Although, one Apple spokesperson pointed out that a phone - which we expect to use outdoors as easily as indoors - might need to be brighter.

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