Who's playing at the Apple Music Festival 2016? And how do I get tickets for the Apple Music Festival (formerly iTunes Festival)?

Last year Apple rebranded its iTunes Festival to the Apple Music Festival. On Monday 22 August the company announced Apple Music Festival 10, a ten-day festival of "exhilarating nights of live music" in London that will run from 18-30 September 2016. 

The '10' branding refers not only to the ten nights of live show, which will be held at the Roundhouse in Camden, London, but also the tenth year Apple has run a version of the festival.

The headline artists were announced by Julie Adenuga, the London voice of the Apple Music radio station Beats 1. (Apple Music Festival announcements are generally made over Beats 1.) Read on for all the details about the Apple Music Festival 2016, including the Apple Music Festival 2016 lineup, Apple Music Festival dates, and how to get tickets for Apple Music Festival 2016.

Apple Music Festival 2016 lineup: Who is playing at Apple Music Festival 10? 

The headline artists who will be playing at 2016's Apple Music Festival are as follows:

Alicia Keys, Bastille, Britney Spears, Calvin Harris, Chance The Rapper, Elton John, Michael Bublé, OneRepublic, Robbie Williams and The 1975 will all be taking to the stage in Camden from 18 to 30 September 2016.

Here's the schedule: 

  • 18 September: Elton John
  • 19 September: The 1975
  • 20 September: Alicia Keys
  • 21 September: OneRepublic
  • 23 September: Calvin Harris
  • 25 September: Robbie Williams
  • 26 September: Bastille
  • 27 September: Britney Spears
  • 28 September: Michael Bublé
  • 30 September: Chance The Rapper

Apple has also released statements from some of the artists. Britney, for instance, said: "I'm so excited to go back to London, which is a special place for me to visit, and I'm really looking forward to performing at the Apple Music Festival. It's also their 10th birthday! It's going to be a great party."

We're excited too, Britney!

Apple Music Festival 2016 dates: When and where is the Apple Music Festival being held? 

All ten nights of Apple Music Festival 2016 (formerly iTunes Festival) will be held at the Camden Roundhouse in London from Sunday 18 September to Friday 30 September 2016. Think of it as a send-off to the summer.

Apple Music Festival 2016: How to watch Apple Music Festival online

Obviously the best way to watch Apple Music Festival 2016 is to get tickets and watch it in person - we discuss how to get tickets to Apple Music Festival 2016 in the next section. But if you can't get tickets, it's still possible to watch the concerts remotely.

"The live performances will be made available live and on-demand to Apple Music members in 100 countries on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, Apple TV and Android phones," said Apple.

Apple Music Festival 2016: Who can buy tickets for Apple Music?

You can only apply for tickets to the Apple Music Festival 10 if you're a UK resident. Last year, you had to apply for tickets through iTunes so it's preferable to have a UK Apple ID and iTunes account.

Apple Music Festival 2016: How to get tickets for Apple Music Festival 2016

Apple tries to limit tickets to UK residents only. In previous years, you have to apply for tickets to specific gigs via an online ballot. If you're lucky and you are selected, you then pay for your ticket.

Apple has said only: "Fans based in the UK can apply to win tickets by entering prize draws on Apple Music, as well as through select media partners."

Tickets will be non-refundable and very limited in number. In previous years the London Evening Standard has run competitions to win tickets, so be on the lookout for London-based offers like this if you're unsuccessful in the official ballot.

How to get tickets for Apple Music Festival 2016

You can only apply for free tickets to the Festival if you are an Apple Music subscriber. If you aren't, you'll have to sign up to the service in order to be in with a chance of going.

You can sign up for a free 3 month trial here if you are a first time user. 

Signing up to Apple Music is also necessary in order to watch the shows online. Sorry, Spotify fans.

Apple Music Festival 2016: How to get more information about Apple Music Festival 2016

If you'd like to get more information about Apple Music Festival 2016, visit the Apple Music Festival website. Apple is likely to make further announcements and updates on the Apple Music radio station Beats 1. And there should also be plenty of discussion of the festival on social media; Apple is encouraging fans to use the hashtag #AMF10.

Apple Music Festival 2016

Check out what happened at the Apple Music Festival over the next few pages!