Apple has published fresh patents which suggest a future evolution for the Nike+ iPod system.

The filing describes a whole selection of technologies, including in-shoe GPS - even sensors to let you know when its time to buy yourself a new pair of shoes...

The GPS notion is oddly intriguing. Electric Pig explains: “The filing suggests that users might be able to download a list of points of interest in the area in which they plan to jog. When they approach one while exercising, the shoes will inform them and give them the option to take a break...”

Pocket-Lint also reports on the patents, adding that the GPS feature could also be a two-way street for information: “Moreover, the nearby point of interest (i.e., restaurant) can also push information to the user by, for example, displaying advertisements in addition to the notification that the user is within the pre-determined distance,” the report informs.

Over at AppleInsider, the report adds the notion that the sensor could be linked to a computer network, such as the internet, in oder that athletes using the Nike+ system can compare their achievements with others, and also contribute their own.

“Allowing the user to be part of a virtual community of athletes that can interact with each other in real time or virtually,” that report explains.