Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has revealed he plans to get two iPads, one with and one without 3G connectivity, with a third earmarked for a friend. Wozniak, better known as Woz, will wait in line "just for fun" this weekend to pick up the Wi-Fi iPad from the Apple Store.

Woz asked by Newsweek who the iPad was aimed at suggested students and older users would benefit most from Apple's new device.

"The iPad could lower the cost of acquiring computers for students. I think it's going to be huge in the education market. Think about students going off to college." Woz insisted.  "They want an Apple product, but their parents don't want to spend that much. Now they have the ideal thing. They can go to college and someone may have a whacked-out $6,000 laptop, but the guy with the iPad will get all the attention."

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The co-founder of Apple also suggested the iPad would appeal to those who find traditional computing over complicated and daunting.

"My wife's parents - they're not ready for the complicated computer world. They have these old computers. But the iPad simplifies things. It's like a restart. We all say we want things to be simpler. All of a sudden we have this simple thing," Woz added.

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