Whether you're looking for a portable speaker to take on holiday or a permanent new addition to your home entertainment set-up, this round up of 22 of the best speakers has something to suit you. Not only do we have a great selection of new speakers for iPad, iPhone and iPod, many of them are also compatible with devices such as a Mac, PC, Android device or other smartphone or tablet.

We'll be updating this best new speakers round-up as and when new speakers are launched, so check back regularly to stay up to date with our speakers new and noteworthy speakers wishlist.

AQ SmartSpeaker Wireless (A2)

Price: £129 plus £5 per colour cover

AQ Audio's AQ SmartSpeaker Wireless A2 is now available in a variety of new colours, including red, orange, green and violet. It's AirPlay compatible, making playing music from an iOS device a cinch. If you purchase more than one of the AQ SmartSpeaker Wireless speakers you'll be able to create stereo sound and multiroom audio. Plus, AQ Audio offers a discount on multiple purchases. Despite its reasonably small size, the speaker doesn't offer a built-in battery, so you'll need to plug it in to the mains. It can be used to charge up your iOS device, though.

Bayan Soundbook

Price: £149.99

Bayan Audio's Soundbook is a small, portable wireless stereo speaker that uses Bluetooth to play audio from your device. Bayan promises up to 10 hours of wireless music streaming on a single charge. In addition, the Soundbook has integrated FM radio and a built-in microphone to allow hands-free calls. The protective cover opens up like a book (hence the name Soundbook) and doubles as a stand too. This cover is also used as an on/off switch, automatically turning off the Soundbook when closed and turning it on when open, reminiscent of Apple's Smart Cover for iPad.  

Harman Kardon Go+Play Wireless

Price: £279

The Harman Kardon Go+Play Wireless is a powerful speaker system with great styling, great audio and easy wireless connectivity. It's one of the better speaker systems we've tested lately.

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Bowers & Wilkins A5

Price: £399

Bowers & Wilkins A5 is impressive, if a little overpriced. Sound quality is good (but not excellent), and it's strictly for Apple devices. It's easy to configure the A5 for AirPlay, though, and it has a minimalist, stylish look.

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Price: £55

New startup KAKKOii (which means cool in Japanese) has launched its first product, the WOW – a wireless speaker that connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth. This striking piece of design was created by London-based designer Antonio Arevalo, who describes the WOW as a "desirable, useful and times" product. It's available in a range of different colours, including blue, black, red, yellow, pink, orange, grey or white.

The WOW is certainly distinctive and we've heard the audio quality lives up to its image. And at £55, it's a bargain too.

Pure Jongo S3

Price: £170

For a compact wireless speaker, the Jongo sounds great and is really flexible. It's also a considerably cheaper way to build a multiroom system than going down the Sonos route, and is a great alternative.

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X-mini Max Duo


Price: £49.90

Perfect for entertaining picnickers in the great British outdoors this summer, these X-Mini Max Duo paired speakers are like, extremely portable and sonically respectable.

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Braven BRV-1

Price: £129.99

Braven's new BRV-1 portable speaker is designed to withstand the elements. It's water-resistant, and has a rubberised shock-absorbing exterior to ensure durability for the more adventurous user. The device is not only wireless – with up to 12 hours of Bluetooth audio streaming time – but it can also act as a speakerphone using its built-in noise cancelling microphone. Additionally, you can use the BRV-1 to charge your iPhone, and a battery check indicator lets you know how much battery life the speaker has left.

SuperTooth Disco Twin


Price: £179.95

SuperTooth's Disco Twin is a pair of good-looking Bluetooth speakers that brings full stereo wireless sound to your iPhone or iPad. SuperTooth promises up to 10 hours of playback time from the built-in rechargeable batteries.

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Gear 4 StreetParty 5


Price: £49.99

Gear 4 was one of the first manufacturers to produce a speaker dock with a Lightning connector. Other than this innovation, the StreetParty 5 is very similar to other models in Gear 4's StreetParty range, consisting of a compact, flat-panel speaker.

The sound quality is relatively modest, but it's a good choice if you're looking for a compact speaker that you can quickly pick up and carry around with you.

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Orbitsound M9


Price: £299.95

Orbitsound's M9 consists of a compact soundbar and a larger subwoofer unit. It uses Bluetooth wireless instead of an iPod dock, and the subwoofer is wireless too. This speaker will be an overkill if you just want a compact speaker for your bedroom. But, it's great value if you're looking for a powerful, high-quality system that you can use as part of the home-entertainment setup in your living room.

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Sonoro cuboDock

Price: £79.99

The Sonoro cuboDock is a neatly constructed, great-looking compact one-box speaker for iPods and phones with a handy fallback to Bluetooth wireless for convenience when sound quality is less of a concern.

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Otone Afineo

Price: £79

These stereo towers from Otone are rated at 32W RMS, which is loud enough to fill a medium-sized rom, and certainly provides a huge sound boost for your iOS devices. Their dual-driver design with a downward-facing bass port means they're small but powerful. Touch-sensitive controls help them look neat and stylist, too.

Get better sound from your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other media device with these compact and affordable speakers.

Braven 650

Price: £149.99

The Braven 650's sturdy design, robust sound and long battery life make it one of the best pocket-sized portable speaker systems currently available.

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Damson Cisor


Price: £79.99

There are a number of small speaker units that work by resonating sound waves through the solid surface beneath them, but the Cisor is one of the first we've seen that also includes Bluetooth wireless streaming.

The bass does get a bit out of control at times, but the Cisor is certainly among the best of this new breed of 'resonating' speakers. Its compact design and Bluetooth streaming also help to make the Cisor a good option if you're looking for a really portable speaker you can carry around in a backpack or small travel bag.

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iLuv MobiOut iSP233


PRICE: £69.99

Designed for ultimate portability, the new iLuv MobiOut Bluetooth speaker can wirelessly play audio from your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and has a rechargeable battery so you can use it anywhere. iLuv boasts that the speaker is 'splash-resistant', making it an ideal solution for playing music on the beach, at the pool-side or in the kitchen. There's also a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls, sealed top-mounted controls, an Jump Start Technology that allows you to use the speaker as a backup battery for your iPhone.

For £69.99, iLuv's MobiOut could bring your favourite tunes to places they've never been before.

Gear 4 Xorb


Price: £69.99 (£89.99 for Bluetooth)

The Xorb's 30W output is fairly loud, but its compact design means it doesn't produce the most expansive sound. It's probably not quite beefy enough to be used as the main speaker system in your front room, but it's a good, affordable choice if you need a compact speaker for your bedroom, or for a small studio apartment.

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JBL Jembe

Price: £49.99

The JBL Jembes are good-looking, compact speakers that take seconds to set up and don't dictate what device you use them with: anything with a 3.5mm audio out will be fine. We'd prefer longer cables (or the convenience of the more expensive Bluetooth model), but have no argument with the lovely audio these two-piece speakers produce. At £49.99, they're well worth the money.

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SuperTooth Disco 2


Price: £79.95

The price tag of the SuperTooth Disco 2 isn't one to be taken lightly – a glance above will demonstrate that good-quality wireless audio can be had for £20 less – but the look, portability, convenience of use and audio output of the SuperTooth Disco 2 all tell in its favour. The wireless market is thick with contenders but this is one of our favourites.

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Native Union Switch


Price: £129.99

Native Union's Switch is a portable Bluetooth speaker, so users can play music from their iPad, iPhone or iPod without the restriction of wires. Available in soft-touch black, red, grey or blue, as well as a glossy white, the Switch can also be used to give your device a power boost via USB. Position the speaker vertically or horizontally, depending on which you prefer.

Logitech UE Boombox


Price: £199

You're probably paying a big extra for the sturdy, portable design, but the Logitech UE Boombox is still a good option if you're looking for a lightweight wireless speaker system that you can use outdoors on a regular basis.

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Sony XA900iP


Price: £499

Sony's XA900iP may be a bit pricey, but it provides impressive sound quality and a range of additional features that few other speaker systems can match. It features both AirPlay and Bluetooth streaming, and is versatile enough to earn its keep as part of your wide home entertainment system.

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