Greenpeace has issued a release in which the environmental crusaders have heaped praise on Apple's new environmentally-friendly iPod range.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs last night introduced a much-improved range of iPods, all of which are free of terribly toxic chemicals such as PVC, BFRs, mercury and which use of arsenic-free glass.

"Greenpeace congratulates Apple for phasing out harmful chemicals like PVC and BFRs in its new, much greener iPods. But we know that Jobs and his team can go even further, and truly take a lead in greening the electronics industry," said Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International campaigner.

"We hope that this is only a teaser of what is to come, and that we will see more of the same with all future product announcements, from iPhones to Macs."

Greenpeace believes that the latest-generation iPods are significantly less toxic than before.

"Apple's announcement is also a good sign that it is serious about meeting its commitment to phase out PVC and BFRs from all of its products by the end of 2008," Greenpeace said.

"Further, it shows - once again - that there is absolutely no reason why a high-performing electronics product needs to be toxic in order to be popular, effective and affordable - these are the cheapest iPods yet," the campaigners also explained.

Apple has now positioned itself amongst the leaders in the electronics industry, Greenpeace conceded, but becoming complacent isn't an option.

"Greenpeace will stay vigilant, watching future Apple announcements and holding it accountable," Harrell said. "What we'd really like for Christmas is to see Apple remove toxic chemicals from all its products, and announce a free, global recycling scheme. Now, that would make a very tasty green Apple indeed!"