The University of Central Lancashire in Preston is offering fresher students particularly a new iPhone application that will provide details of campus facilities and local amenities.

"At the beginning of term you're always being stopped by students asking for directions, now they're going to have the information they need in their pockets," Director of learning, Michael Ahern told the BBC.

"As they roam around the campus they can get information about lecture theatres, places to eat and libraries," added Ahern, who believes this is the first such iPhone application for a university in the UK.

UCLan aims to give students and staff access to core services, with access to various news feeds, 53 Degrees events information as well as ticket booking.

The application offers campus and building maps with a A-Z of buildings and associated facilities, TAG - The Alternative Guide, a student information site written by students, a Services Locator and various online resources.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store UCLan is free and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update or later.

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