Proving that one-man can make a difference, Sunil Raman is the first – and currently, the only person – in line to buy an iPhone 3G from Apple's flagship store on Regent Street, London.

Sunil Raman is first in line for the iPhone 3G in the UK

As is the case in many Apple queues around the world, Sunil isn't just queuing for the iPhone. He's also using the media attention to promote the bright yellow Lippi Selk'Bag. According to the Lippi Selk Web site: "The Lippi Selk'Bag is a revolutionary new sleeping bag system which allows you the maximum mobility you need whilst keeping warm."

Macworld spoke to Sunil, who said: "I don't have an iPhone. I've got an iPod touch. I thought it'd be great to be first in line for the iPhone 3G."

Following two days of intense rain in the UK, the sleeping bag suit might be a good idea. Although the sun came out briefly this morning, according to Apple's own weather report it is set to rain throughout the day and into tomorrow. Despite sporting one of the bright yellow Selk'Bag suits Sunil told us: "I hope it doesn't rain".

Sadly, Sunil doesn't even intend to buy an iPhone 3G. Instead, he is hoping to sell his first-place spot in the queue via eBay. He will be reporting on his live-blog from outside the Apple store, and details on how to purchase his place in the queue will be detailed on his blog.

Technically one-person doesn't qualify as an official description of a queue, and Sunil hopes other people will join him soon. "It'll be good to have someone to talk to," he told us.

Sunil waits patiently for the iPhone 3G to go on sale, at 8.02 AM tomorrow morning

Sunil is, however, one more person than the total sum of people queuing up outside O2's store on Oxford Street. Which was deserted when Macworld went to visit this morning. Adding insult to injury, the O2 store was even advertising Blackberry's new phone in its window.

The O2 store, on Oxford Street, this morning

Update: Click here to find out how much the final bid went for, and who took Sunil's first place spot in the queue.