Parallels, a provider of cloud services automation and virtualisation software, has announced Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition.

The new software extends Parallels server virtualisation offerings for Macs, and is billed as the world’s first bare metal hypervisor solution for the Apple Xserve.

Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition promises greater performance for applications running in virtual machines on the Xserve, enabling businesses to standardise on the Apple platform, and opening a new opportunity for cloud services providers to offer profitable Mac OS X services.

The inclusion of Parallels Virtual Automation provides comprehensive management tools for monitoring and maintaining the virtual environment.

Parallels Server for Mac brought virtualisation to the Apple Xserve for the first time, enabling organisations to standardise on the Mac platform and integrate into existing IT infrastructures the company insists.

The new edition builds on this with a new architecture that represents the first ever "bare metal" hypervisor for Intel-powered Apple systems, promising users greater performance and the ability to migrate systems without needing to go completely offline known as "hot migration".

According to Parallels, hypervisor server virtualisation enables users to create multiple simultaneously executing, isolated virtual machines on the same physical server, each of which runs its own operating system.

Windows, Linux and Mac

With Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition users can run Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems side-by-side.

For end-user organisations, this provides the ability to standardise their IT environment on the Apple platform, consolidating their server resources, consolidating and supporting legacy OSes and applications and streamlining server and application operations.

This reduces the maintenance and management burden according to Paralels, which can be further simplified with the management potential of Parallels Virtual Automation.

"The 33 per cent year-on-year increase in sales of Macintosh computers reported by Apple this quarter indicates a growing interest in Apple hardware. Virtualisation solutions can help make this a practical reality for users, giving them the ability to run the Windows and Linux applications they need on the Apple system they want," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels.

"Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition provides a high performance solution that enables IT professionals and developers to capitalise on the power of Mac OS X Server while having the flexibility to run Windows and Linux workloads both on-premise and through the Cloud."

"The Xserve offers unbeatable performance, and Mac OS X Server is the world’s easiest to use server operating system,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.

"With the Mac more popular than ever, and Parallels' new virtualisation tools, there has never been a better or easier time for entire organisations to switch to Mac."

More details including pricing for the new Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition can be found at

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac

In November 2009, Parallels released what the company insisted was the fastest, most seamless Windows-on-Mac solution ever in Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac.

According to independent performance research conducted by Crimson Consulting Group, Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac performs 22 per cent faster than the nearest Windows-on-Mac competitor in standard productivity testing of Windows 7 64-bit on a MacBook Pro.

Parallels insists Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac is up to 300 per cent faster for virtual machine operations than the previous version 4.0. and comes with more than 70 new features.